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    Sold BeCue Package

    BeCue Package priced to move. Everything 99% condition. Butts – Two butts, one “naked” wrapless, one with smooth “sport” wrap Shafts – Two BeCue Prime M, 12 mm, both 4.22 oz, BeCore medium stock tips 10” Standard Extension Leonardo balance/weight cartridge system SOLD firm PayPal...
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    BeCue Prime M Uni-Loc

    New BeCue Prime M Uni-Loc 12 mm, 4.19 oz, BeCore stock medium tip $375 firm PayPal Shipped CONUS via USPS priority mail with tracking and signature confirmation Dustin Miller (618) 554-0710
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    Sold Predator Classico

    Predator Classico with Linen Wrap Believe there were 150 of these made. Cue is in 99% condition and has been meticulously maintained. Shafts are Z3 - Seyberts S Tuned (professional taper) both with Kamui Black medium tips. Butt – 14.89 oz Shafts – 3.66 oz SOLD firm PayPal Shipped CONUS...
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    BeCue Medium Tips Question(s)

    I have two BeCue shafts that I picked up at 2020 DCC. They came with “BeCue Core Medium” tips. They are blue in color, and for me – the best tips I have played with. Since then, I have ordered 3 more BeCue shafts with medium tips. However, the tips are not the same. They are black...
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    VQR 5/16x18 and After Market Shafts

    simple question (I think....) will an after market 5/16x18 shaft (i.e. cuetec cynergy) fit on a viking 5/16x18 quick release butt? thanks.
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    Cool Video - Guitar Builder

    I'm not a cue builder (nor guitar player) but interested in it and lurk a lot on this section..... Whenever Q-Ball (QB Cues), Josh (Treadway Cues), or Mark (Marianni Cues) take the time to tell me something - always interested in what they have to say.... Anyway....found this video...
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    lifting a diamond 9' professional - 3 pc slate posted this in the ask a mechanic section. any experienced/knowledgeable input greatly appreciated. thanks in advance. dustin miller
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    lifting a diamond 9' professional

    so....late Monday, early Tuesday got about 5" of rain in about a 3 hour period. more than my basement could handle. had previous engagements and couldn't get to it until this evening..... pulled out all the carpet and pad this evening. cleaned/disinfected/etc. the table is a 9' diamond...
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    Predator 8K-1

    New Predator 8K-1 Approx 19 oz Z3 shaft Kamui Black Med SOLD shipped USPS signature confirmation CONUS Dustin Miller (618) 554-0710
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    Predator Roadline

    Purpleheart 4 point wrapless sneaky MN SP4NWP -Butt has been played a couple hours – new/100% condition -Z3 shaft is new – not hit a ball (stock Predator Med tip) -About 18.75 oz (I have a couple weight bolt kits and can probably get it...
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    Mezz AXI-K Butt

    Mezz AXI-K butt only. Wavy pin. New condition. 15.10 oz. SOLD shipped CONUS USPS signature confirmation. Dustin Miller (618) 554-0710
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    2009 #330 Purpleheart/goncalo alves Butt 15.88 oz Playing Shaft 11.90 mm, 3.10 oz, small scratch on ferrule Extra Shaft 11.95 mm, 3.10 oz Cue is straight and has been maintained in excellent/meticulous condition SOLD firm Serious inquiries only please Dustin Miller (618) 554-0710
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    Southwest For Sale at DCC

    Southwest for sale. Will be at DCC late Tuesday through Wednesday. 2009 #330 Purpleheart/Goncalo Alves Butt 15.88 oz Playing Shaft 11.90 mm/3.10 oz Extra Shaft 11.95 mm/3.10 oz Cue is and has been maintained in excellent/meticulous condition. (618) 554-0710 Serious inquiries only please...
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    G2 Tips - Hard

    four G2 tips - hard $40 paypal, cash, check all ok. TIPS SOLD. THANKS. (had them for a while - i'm now playing with kamui brown hards and will not use them) dustin miller
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    Lambros four point ebony with JPs and extension. Cue is straight. Has been meticulously maintained and stored in a vertical display case in a climate controlled room. Only imperfection is pictured below. Butt: 15.48 oz Shaft #1: 3.77 oz, 12.85 mm, Kamui Brown Medium Shaft #2: 3.83 oz...
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    Cognoscenti Cue is in near mint condition with one exception. There are slight marks on each shaft about 1-3/4” above the collar – see picture below. They are not noticeable unless you run your finger over them. Balance point: 18-1/2” Butt: 15.31 oz, 28-3/4” Shaft #1: 3.87 oz, 13.2 mm...
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    New Schon STL 7 Cocobolo

    Schon STL 7-Cocobolo Cue is brand new with joint protectors Butt: 14.78 oz Shaft: 4.22 oz, 12.97 mm, Kamui II super soft tip Please no trade offers SOLD SOLD paypal shipped USPS signature confirmation
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    test picture

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    what kind of tips are these?

    hello. i was hoping that some of you might be able to tell me what kind of tips these are just by looking at this picture. i think they are triangles, but i am not for certain. thanks in advance. dustin miller
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    Ob 125 with two classic shafts

    OB 125 WITH TWO CLASSIC SHAFTS Cue is in like new 99% condition. Original wrap has been replaced with a double strand of linen (light brown/white speck and white/double brown speck). 3/8 x 10 joint. Butt weighs 15.20 oz. I had the shafts built slightly oversized by OB -- both are 12.9 mm...