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  1. Nullus

    A Lot Of FB Links Popping Up In Here

    The last few days it seems the forums here are being flooded with FB links. Never seen so many here on AzBilliards before. Just an observation and wondering what triggered all of the FB love. Personally, I stopped using FB six or seven years ago because I don't agree with Zuckerberg's privacy...
  2. Nullus

    Folks Asking About Tips Used By Pros

    It's getting a little old to see the same replies when someone comes on here asking about what products the pros use. It's typically one of a few standard captain obvious replies such as It's not the tip, it's the player or just because he can shoot with it, doesn't mean you can. Or...find the...
  3. Nullus

    Schon CX65

    I've been looking everywhere for one of these (CX65) now that I can play the game again. I played for years with a Schon back in the early 90's and while some of the online vendors still list this cue as available and advertise it on their sites, nobody seems to have one. In a perfect world...
  4. Nullus

    Question About Espiritu Website

    I've recently due to surgery been able to pick up the game again and I've been looking around for a cue, and decided to take a look and see what Russ Espiritu has been doing. Anyhow, I ran across two different websites that are eerily similar in layout, but completely different at the same...
  5. Nullus

    More Chive Billiard Goodness

    Found on 'The Chive' today. Looks like she needs some work on her stance, any volunteers?
  6. Nullus

    Congrats Poison Winners

    Congrats to the winners! Nice score and nice giveaway this month.
  7. Nullus

    Fantastic Old Pic!

    Spotted this today on the '', thought it was a great old pic and wanted to share, courtesy of the Chive.
  8. Nullus

    Delta 13 Tourney @ Marietta Billiards

    Anyone happen to have the results, or at least know who won the main event this past weekend? Thanks in advance.
  9. Nullus

    Help Finding Thread

    Just curious, there was a thread on here recently about some stolen cues (belonging to Brian Parks?) and I believe one of his cues was a Prewitt. Been sort of keeping an eye out for any Prewitt's to come up for sale, since you never know if they're stupid enough to steal it, maybe they'll be...
  10. Nullus

    Mild Dud Tip (Pooldawg8)

    I am in between tournaments and am not playing in any leagues at present, so I've had some time to experiment with tips and equipment. I've been reading here on the boards about the various tips that folks like to play with. I kept coming back to the milk duds that so many of the pros seem to...
  11. Nullus

    White Table Lines

    I'm curious. What do they use to draw the white lines on the table such as at the World 9 Ball Championships? Are they simply 'soap' marks made with tailor's chalk, or something else? Anyone know for sure? I like the cross at the foot spot in particular for racking the balls. Was thinking...
  12. Nullus

    Received Complimentary TNT Tip

    Responded to a post offering a chance to try new tips to the first five folks to respond via PM. Looks like I was one of the lucky ones! Received the tip today. It's a MS tip. Will have it installed in the next few days and post a review in the proper forum once I've had a chance to try it out.
  13. Nullus

    Noticed Something in Qatar This Week...

    All of the years I've played pool, and I've never noticed before. I can admit it, and it's led me to ask the following question. The foot string on the tables in Qatar is drawn at far edge (away from the foot rail) of the diamonds. I had always thought it ran thru the middle of the diamonds...
  14. Nullus

    Turning Down a 314-2

    Interested in trying a Predator 314-2 but I'm pretty set in that I prefer 12mm tip size. Was wondering if a 314-2 can be turned down safely? I believe most come at 12.75 out of the factory. Can they be turned down by a cuemaker to the 12-12.25 range or is this not a possibility? Thanks in...
  15. Nullus

    Happy Memorial Day!

    ..............................Sorry to any offended by my original post.
  16. Nullus

    What Are People Thinking?

    What are some of these folks selling cues thinking? I understand people want to make a profit and all, but some of the recent cues listed for sale are just, well, silly. People selling used 'Butt only' cues and wanting the price of a new cue, at least by the time you buy a replacement shaft...
  17. Nullus

    Picked Up New Lomax Player Today!

    Here it is! New Steve Lomax player. -Dark tulipwood forearm and butt - nicely figured -Birdseye maple grip that also has a curly maple look to it -Weight is 19 oz on the money -3/8 x 10 join pin in matching brass to the rings -Removable rubber stopper with custom 8" Terrebonne (sp?) extension...
  18. Nullus

    Let's Do Another Poll.....

  19. Nullus

    SVB...Break Cue

    I noticed in the recent videos of SVB's matches he's not using the G10 Jester cue he was given last year in Tunica. Anyone know if he ever used it in any of his matches, and if so, for how long before he set it aside? Anyone else have any thoughts on that particular cue? I'm most likely going...
  20. Nullus

    Appleton...Slow Play?

    I've had some free time to watch some videos of recent matches here lately. With the Compton/Appleton match coming up, I've already seen Chip play quite a few times but no so much for Darren, so I've been watching his matches in particular. Don't get me wrong, the guy is a fantastic pool...