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  1. Shane Jackson

    WTB - Cue wrap channel adjustable jig

    Cuejo or de Angelo? hightower ? I need to measure to put wraps on 304-914-1477
  2. Shane Jackson

    WANTED - Meucci Star of David Original

    Id love to find a star of David cue for my boss at work thats his favorite! please text or email me 304-914-1477 im paypal ready!
  3. Shane Jackson

    WTB - Predator P2 or P3 exotic

    Please Im looking to buy Exotic P2 or P3. Uni or radial. I also like the P2 all Curly with wrap. Let me know whats available. Thanks in advance! Its easier to text me if you can or email me. or 304-914-1477 thanks again!
  4. Shane Jackson

    Wanted - 4 point. 4 veneer. Hoppe. Scruggs. Mottey or JMW

    Wanted - 4 point. 4 veneer. Hoppe. Scruggs. Mottey or JMW please message me or text me pics. 304-914-1477
  5. Shane Jackson

    WANTED Samsara Jump break Cocobola

    Found! Thx for looking
  6. Shane Jackson

    FS : Tim Scruggs TS Purple Heart Sneaky

    For sale is a fancy Tim Scruggs Sneaky in purple heart. Black collars, white hoppe ring, black butt cap. Roll straight together and apart. Shaft 1 : 12.75 mm 4.07 oz Butt weight 14.84 oz GONE shipped paypal no trades. thanks I couldn't get pictures to upload for some reason will...
  7. Shane Jackson

    WTB : 4 7ft Valley Cougar Coin Op Tables

    Im looking to buy 4 valley cougar 7ft coin op tables. Im located around pittsburgh. I need all four to match in color and to be new/newer cloth. Price delivered and a price if I come pick them up. I will buy outright or I have 3 dyanmo tables and an older 7ft valley (not a cougar) for...
  8. Shane Jackson

    WTB - ALEX BRICK or Tony Layne JB Cues

    I am looking for a Tony Layne Diamondwood or Alex Brick JB cue. Please send me pictures to my phone or email at 304-914-1477 or Cues must be jump break, new or used. Paypal or local payment. Thanks again!
  9. Shane Jackson

    FS : Pool Hall for sale. 45k Pittsburgh PA

    No longer for sale
  10. Shane Jackson

    Vintage St Croix House Cue

    From what I'm told these are collectable and are no longer in production. These cues were made by a company who also made fishing rods. There was one I seen on ebay going for $100. It was a two piece cue. This is a one piece. Im not sure of the value but I will say $100 and Negotiate a fair...
  11. Shane Jackson

    Its George Case 2x4 Chocolate Brown Smooth

    For sale is a mint condition old stock from Mike Roberts himself. This case has been closet kept, inside two different bags just to make sure nothing scuffed it up. It has a medium sized pouch and has a key. It is air tight and truly amazing. It comes from a smoke free environment, and will be...
  12. Shane Jackson

    FS: 1 of 1 Loaded Carolina with matching JP

    For sale Carolina Custom 1 of 1 Leather wrap. Loaded with abalone and Ivory. Butt : 15.44 oz Stainless Radial Pin Shaft 1: 30 inch predator 4.01 oz Kamui Black Soft 12.60 matching ringwork Shaft 2: 29 inch regular 3.89 oz Moori Med 12.38 Both shafts have phenolic inserts. Cue originally...
  13. Shane Jackson

    FS> 9 ft Diamond Table Ball Return -1 pc slate

    Located in Pittsburgh PA. Includes diamond light extra sheet of simonis tournament blue 860 $6000 or best offer. You move it. Rosewood color in great condition.
  14. Shane Jackson

    FS : Break Rak Pro Model plus Radar

    $old to Joseph Young on Facebook
  15. Shane Jackson

    ISO of My old Player - Mike Sigel Ebony and green burl

    Im looking for an old cue of mine that i loved to play with. It was a mike sigel with ebony forearm and it had green/brown burl points with ivory stars in the points. It had a lizard wrap that was black and in the butt sleeve it rotated green burl star and ivory stars all the way around…...
  16. Shane Jackson

    Pool hall for sale pittsburgh

    NO longer for sale
  17. Shane Jackson

    FS : Billiard Parlor Pittsburgh, PA

    No longer for sale
  18. Shane Jackson

    For Sale BIlliard Parlor PITTSBURGH PA

    NO longer for sale
  19. Shane Jackson

    FS ---- Schon LTD, Custom CX, and LTD

    Schon cues for sale. Schon LTD cues were test hit only. The CX model has two shafts. One played with and the other is gently used but still 13mm. Cue #1 SCHON LTD 1502 Traditional Four Points with Turquoise inlays. (my favorite of the group) Shaft: SCHON IV 13mm 4.25oz Butt Weight : 15.50...
  20. Shane Jackson

    FS : Mike Gulyassy on the bay!

    Beautiful fresh off the lathe custom cue from cue maker Mike Gulyassy. This is a fabulous piece from him with flaring madrone burl points with white circles between them. Loaded with silver from the dashes to the diamonds. Ebony inlays over the burl on each floating point are accented by...