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  1. Nullus

    2nd Cue from Coos Cues

    Very nice.
  2. Nullus

    My new Cue Arrived from Coos Cues

    Very impressive!
  3. Nullus

    Where am I

    Reminiscent of Sevierville Billiards, though I don't remember it being that clean.
  4. Nullus

    Any player still use Schon cues?

    I have been playing with Schon cues since 90', and have zero issues with my older or newer Schon cues alike. They all hit great. How a cue feels and hits is a personal issue. It's been discussed many, many times on here that just because a certain pro plays with a cue or uses a certain tip...
  5. Nullus

    Hoppe or Sneaky Pete?

    While I like Predator cues in general, I've always agreed with this sentiment regarding the Predator hustler models. I believe they were/are just taking advantage of the term in order to sell cues.
  6. Nullus

    Vasectomy and pool

    Hold off for a bit. You have stitches in a very sensitive place. If you can't reach your doctor for his advice, I'd wait at least a few weeks. I doubt you'd want to go back under the knife in that particular area to fix torn internal stitches.
  7. Nullus

    Joe Brown from Ohio Murdered

    Very sad. My condolences to his loved ones.
  8. Nullus

    What model is this?

    Looks exactly like my old Brunswick Dakota model.
  9. Nullus

    MERRY CHRISTMAS very nice tribute Carrie Underwood

    Love this thread, thanks to everyone. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have a wonderful day.
  10. Nullus

    2021 Schons....

    Purchased a new Schon about 2 years ago, though I believe it was before any turnover. It's beautiful, and flawless in every way. Sorry for your bad luck.
  11. Nullus

    Schon cue identification

    Looks a little closer to the LTD 1112, but not identical there, based on ring work, as previously stated. Could be a variant of either cue.
  12. Nullus

    Schon cue identification

    Don't believe it was an LTD 636, at least based on the catalogs I have.
  13. Nullus

    Greatest living, active Cuemakers, three categories.

    1. Joel Hercek
  14. Nullus

    Atlanta, GA Cue work

    Steve Lomax, easy to work with, schedule is at least as accessible as most others. Short drive from Atlanta.
  15. Nullus

    Nothing special but I like it

    Congrats! Nice cue.
  16. Nullus

    custom cue build

    It's been a few years since I had him build me a custom cue, but Steve Lomax was incredibly easy to contact and work with. Can't say the same for Bob Owens. Called him a few times and left message, never heard back from him.
  17. Nullus

    SVB and Orcullo are they...

    I agree with sjm above. While I'm a huge fan of both SVB and Orcullo, we're talking about betting and odds. The field is the smarter bet in a top level tournament, regardless of whom you like, especially if you're having to pick "either or" among SVB or Orcullo. Now, if you're giving me both...
  18. Nullus

    Help Schon Ltd Identification

    I agree with the above assessment, the closest it comes to anything I can find is the Ltd727, but while it's similar, it's not at the same time. They did make some variations on that design such as the Ltd727a, but again, it's different. The biggest difference is the ringwork. That's unusual...
  19. Nullus

    Ronny Park Passes Away Due to COVID Complications

    Sad news, condolences to his family and friends.
  20. Nullus

    Great Schon service.

    Schon is great to deal with. Can't recommend them highly enough.