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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I consider such language as junior high level.
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    Porper Cases?

    Had that issue also, so I put bits of packing peanuts in the holes until the cues were sticking out an inch or so. Was an ongoing process, as the material got compacted.
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    Foul..........Poor Form..........Genius Move?

    VNEA had a rule for a short period where it was loss of game if you shot directly at an opponent's ball to pocket it. One year, late in the bracket, each player had a ball tied up with the 8, and there was a ball near a close pocket. Ball in hand would be an easy breakout opportunity...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I fully support gun control. A stable stance and a good grip using both hands. A plus would be to have a solid object to rest on, especially when using a rifle.
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    Pool fads?

    Target Pool. I bought this product for about $16 when I purchased my first table. Did not use it much. Sold it 25 years later for $85.
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    Just got kicked out from tourney

    Played in a tournament that had a calcutta. The brackets were filled out prior to the bidding, but not displayed. TD seeded the top 8 players per his estimate. No entry fee to watch the tournament, No streaming, so absolutely no reason to seed it. I played my first match in a grocery...
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    Just got kicked out from tourney

    In college, our game room hosted four or five tournaments each semester. $1 entry, which paid back $30, $20 & $10 regardless on the number of entries. It was fun to play in these tournaments with only about 6 guys that had a decent chance of winning. One semester, the director adds a rule...
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    You make the call

    An opportunity? All new Belly Bridge. Set it on the table to cover any balls that might be in the way of a belly.
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    Longer cues

    I am 6' 5" and played a lot of pool with my right hand at the end of the cue. I now play with a 4 ounce 6 inch extension on my 20 ounce cue and love it, except when a wall gets in the way and I have to either use a house cue or remove the extension for the shot. Would some rules regarding...
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    YOUR greatest shot ever.....

    Was playing 9-ball with a friend on a Gold Crown. I end up with the 7 in the side, and he says "hmmm, I bet I know what shot you shoot next". Feeling good and loose, I quickly figured the path to get the cue ball between the 8 & 9 and pulled it off!! Low right to keep the CB from hitting...
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    Marking your cue

    Measuring would be useful in practice, but not allowed per some or most rules. It would not be the intended purpose of the cue. I don't believe using fingers is allowed, but I have never been called for the three finger check to see if a ball will go past another.
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    Your biggest gambling score, pool or otherwise.

    In 2005, I walked through the university book store between classes, killing time. Spotted a clearance sale on Zip drive disks at a penny each. Bought all 123 disks and quickly sold on ebay for about a $600 gain. In Vegas, late at night. I was heading back to the room and had a dollar coin...
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    15-balls in rotation runs.

    Pill pool used to be a popular game to play when I was much younger at the local hangout. The basics for four players: Each player has four pills that they keep secret until their ball is pocketed. If someone pockets your ball, you owe them a nickel. If you pocket your own, each player...
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    Anyone ever hit themselves with a cue stick?

    About a month ago, I got the experience that I described as being hit on the head with a cue. I pulled up to a hanging branch while mowing and tugged on it a few times before backing up. Turns out that during the tugging, I moved the end of the branches behind the mower. When I backed up...
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    WORLD 10 BALL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 Sep 2021), Las Vegas, 9ft, Winner $35K

    Show the table during the break, and not focus on the player or their technique would be an improvement for the future.
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    Mike Massey Moved The Ball!

    Some players should have a referee present for every game they play in tournaments. During a SD state 3 man 9-ball tournament, a guy from Huron pulled a Fast one and continued shooting after a miss against a teammate. A ref was called for the rest of the match. At an ACUI tournament final of...
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    How much is the most you would pay to play in a Pool Tournment.

    In January of 1993, I was sent to Nashville to work for two weeks. As I was going through the downtown area, I saw a sign welcoming professional pool players, so I stopped in to check it out. The entry fee was $75, and spectator fees were about $20 per day for the weekend 9-ball T. I had...
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    Anyone else have a "Most Embarrassing" at the pool hall?

    Playing the 3/4 match in the State 8 ball B division. The score is tied at 2, and we are on the last game. I had two left, one one the rail, and the other about 10 inches from the rail with the cue ball in between them. I played a masse sending the second ball two rails around the corner to...
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    Corey invents again

    This shot happened about 8 to 10 years ago at the Four Bears Casino in ND.
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    What is Pool’s Equivalent of a Hole-In-One in Golf?

    In Darts, my equivalent would be going out on 180, on the sixth round. Wasn't all luck, but highly unlikely for me to throw a ton 80. My best pool match was a race to four. I lost the first two games after a grueling 45 minutes. Opp takes a bathroom break. I realize that I am not chewing...