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    Pool Halls in North Chicago

    Hi fellow Azers, I will be traveling to Chicago on business for the week of June 15-19. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good places to knock some balls around. I will be just north of Chicago in Vernon Hills. I found a few places online that I might try out: Shooter's, in...
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    Not exactly a tournament announcement, just a request for help/advice

    I have a tournament that I am organizing for employees of my company. For more details (and to keep me from multi-posting), see here: Thanks.
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    Need help/advice organizing a pool tournament

    I have finally talked the Employee Activities Committee (EAC) where I work into sponsoring a pool tournament for employees who are interested in playing. Now I need to come up with a venue, format, etc. Therefore, I am turning to the good people of AZB for some help/advice. I am unsure of the...
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    Party Games

    Hi folks, A co-worker is having a social gathering at his house on Saturday, Feb. 4. He has a pool table so, of course, I will be playing. While I am not a very good player, I can usually trounce the average banger. So I was looking for some games that could be played at the party that would...