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  1. chelseagrinder

    Does Kamui make a regular full size piece of chalk

    I have the two first smaller versions but someone told me they saw a regular size piece of Kamui chalk....
  2. chelseagrinder

    Feeler for pristine Meucci ST-4 model

    New member of my private pool club is looking to sell. Any feedback on relative value would be appreciated. Not looking for offers yet. I found one used for $500. Thanks:smile:
  3. chelseagrinder

    WTB-original black boar 5/16-14 shaft

    Nothing came forward so I ordered brand new from BB
  4. chelseagrinder

    Stolen tascarella cue from Massachsetts

    :angry: I had my recently purchased, light green cortland wrap tascarella stolen out of World Class Billiards in Peabody Mass. More information has been brought forward by a number of regulars. All circumstantial. If you hear anything let me know. I will provide a cash reward. Merry Christmas.
  5. chelseagrinder

    US Open 10 Ball Championship this May in Vegas

    I have not noticed much discussion of this new inaugural event being held during the annual BCA/CSI national 8 ball championship. What's up?:)
  6. chelseagrinder

    Derby is about to begin!

    Just wondering what folks think about this year in terms of attendance. will we get upwards of 400 players?
  7. chelseagrinder

    AZ Room

    i know its early; but this was a great feature last year. it was my first time signing up and I enjoyed meeting players, saw some good pool with the one hole event and even got chances to practice a little; bigger room would be great.
  8. chelseagrinder

    DCC room reservations are taking place

    Rooms are open! Use code s01hder