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    Raptor CNC for Sale

    I came across this and know folks here are sometimes looking for a similar setup. This CNC is plenty large enough to make cues. I do not know the owner/seller, though I see him post occasionally and believe he knows his CNC "stuff". So DO NOT try to contact me...
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    Stress Marks on Scorpion Shaft?

    Hey Guys, A friend/customer asked me about these marks on his Scorpion shaft - see below. They showed up mysteriously last week. He thinks he can feel the finish lifted slightly - I couldn't feel anything. I'm not familiar with Scorpions so thought I would ask here. Has anyone seen this before...
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    Happy 4th of July!!

    Happy 4th to all the members of this forum. I hope you have a fun and safe holiday. Gary
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    ER-11 vs ER-11A Collet Nut

    Hey Guys, I have a 48VDC air-cooled spindle on my CNC inlay machine. It has a "ER-11" collet holder on it. It indicates pretty well, but I thought I would enhance that by getting one of Precise Bits ER-11 precision collet nuts. Well, little did I realize there is an ER-11 nut and an ER-11A...
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    CNC Air Blower Source?

    Hey Guys, A while back, and I'm embarrassed to say how long back, I built myself an inlay machine. See post 43 in the below link for pictures: I'm finally getting around to learning how to use it and have cut...
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    Are There Any New CNC Controllers Out There?

    Hey Guys, There used to be some discussion of CNC here, but it has faded lately. I've got a 2-axis DIY taper shaper that I made. The computer is Windows 7 32-bit, running Mach3 driving a Gecko G540 from the parallel port. It works fine, but updates to Windows 7 are getting few and far...
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    McDermott Quick Release Removal

    Hey Guys, A friend has a McDermott with a quick release SS collar/pin assembly that is slightly loose. It will turn approximately 5-10 degrees with a "click" at each end of the twist. I can't get it to turn any further by hand. With a shaft attached, when it unscrews that little bit, it...
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    AutoDesk Fusion 360

    Hey Guys, I just wonder if anyone else has been looking into AutoDesk's Fusion 360 CAD/CAM software? It looks to me like a viable alternative to BobCAD-CAM. Just wondering what others thought. Thanks Gary
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    Caveat Emptor

    Guys, There's a "repair lathe" for sale on eBay Please note the location information: Shipping: $80.00 Standard Shipping | See details Item location: Watkins Glen, New York, United States Ships to: United States Delivery: Estimated...
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    Cue and Shaft ID?

    Hey Guys, A player on my league team bought this cue recently. I don't think it's an Asian import or I wouldn't bother you, but if so, I apologize. He bought the shaft and the butt as a cue, but I don't think they were an original pairing. Any info on the shaft or the butt is appreciated...
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    Royce Bunnel - RIP

    I'm not sure where exactly to put this, but I just read about this on another cuemanker site: What a sad loss! Gary
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    Bob-CAD v24 on Windows10?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone is running BobCAD-CAM v24 on Windows10? I talked to tech support and they said they had customers running it without problem, but they haven't tested it. Windows7 is getting a little long in the tooth, so I thought I would upgrade. I suppose if it screws up...
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    Lathe Safety - NOT This was posted on another cuemaker site - thought I'd remind folks what can happen. Gary
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    A2ZCNC Sale

    I think a lot of you use A2ZCNC's QCTP's but may not be on their mailing list. I got an email from them overnight. They are running a 25% off sale on all merchandise in stock. FYI Gary (I am not associated with A2ZCNC) From the email I got: Summer is winding down, the Winter months are coming...
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    Meucci Cue In For Repair - Ivory?

    Hey Guys, I got this Meucci in for repair - the butt cap came unglued. I got to looking at it closer - is it ivory or old plastic? I don't see much ivory in this part of the world, so I'm not familiar with it. Thanks for any help or ID. Gary
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    Meucci Grey-Stained Maple, Green Arrow-Heads, Ivory Cue - Model?

    This cue came into my shop for repair - the butt cap had come loose. I got to looking at it closer, and I believe the white in the cue is ivory. I searched through the Meucci archives, but couldn't find anything like it. Does anyone have an ID for it? Value? It's not terribly important, but...
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    Got Wood? This Guy Does!

    Hey Guys, I know it's a little on the borderline to refer eBay auctions here that aren't your own - I know that some times in the past I thought I had found an auction that few others knew about and didn't appreciate it getting exposed because that just bumps up the bids. However, this one...
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    Cross-Threaded Woe

    Hey Guys, A customer contacted me this week, he had a cue that he somehow cross-threaded when taking it apart and wanted to see if I could fix it. When I first saw the cue, I gave it a moderate twist in both directions and it does in fact seem pretty locked up. i asked him "Just how hard have...
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    APA Nationals - Las Vegas?

    Hey Guys, I'm going to the APA 9-Ball Nationals with my team tonight for a week. I was wondering if anyone else will be there - I've never met most of you, it would be neat to put a face with a name. Let me know here or via PM, Gary
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    4-Axis CNC Router on CraigsList

    Hey All, This listing came up over the weekend. It's bigger than necessary for cue work, but otherwise looks well built. There's a lot there for the asking price IMHO. I haven't seen it, nor have I spoken with the seller. We've exchanged a...