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    Free stream tonight

    If anyone wants to check out a couple of the best in Sioux Falls it should be a good match.
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    What do you do when pool is no longer fun?

    This seems like the case for me lately. I like to be the best that I can be at anything I do and I also have an extremely addictive personality. I had some junk that I was addicted to when I was younger and when I cut most of that out pool has been my outlet and new addiction. For the first...
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    VNEA Jumping rule or any other ruleset for that matter

    Last night is the first time I've seen this and I question the legality of it because I feel it may fall into the "Misuse of equipment" rule. If you are going for a jump but need to bridge higher than normal is it legal to take your shooting cue, place it butt down on the table with the rest of...
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    Strickland's Mosconi MVP trophy up for sale

    If there are any collectors out there that want a piece of history here you go.
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    How do division tournaments payout in your area?

    Most tournaments we have are broke down by division (Open,A,B,C,D). It seems like the D division is normally pretty small and the Open division is normally pretty small. The biggest division seems to always be C. I realize that most players probably fall into the C category but no one ever has...
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    Good interview by Darren on the state of pool

    Interesting article I found in one of my favorite facebook groups. I wonder how league players would take it if everyone threw a dollar or two for WPA. I know I wouldn't mind because I like to follow the pro scene and watch every chance I get, but I wonder how the average "show up to pool to...
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    Allen Hopkins Q Skill test on a 7 footer?

    So I've been practicing a fair bit lately and need something other than drills and trying to run 8 ball racks. I've had the scorecard and rules saved for a while but never gave it a shot because of my limited access to a 9 ft table and I'm assuming that's what the test was built for. Should I...
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    Congrats Pat Fleming and Accu-Stats!!

    Will Pat Fleming and Accu-Stats take over the Open? This is great for the US Open Have you officially accepted or is this just who he would want to run it?
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    Inside spin on cutshots- Help a banger

    I'll start off saying I've always been terrible at cutting balls on the rail. I'm a decent banker and the majority of the time I would find a bank rather than trying the cut. A long time ago I seen someone mention using top inside spin on a long cut down the rail and it worked wonders for me...
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    Are there advantages over buying from the manufacturer?

    With all the online stores now it seems like you can get 40-50 dollars off most products with free shipping so my question is.. Are there any benefits from order straight from the manufacturer rather than one of these dealers? I'm wondering because I'm going to be looking at some OB stuff when...
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    Pink League- Pool in a positive light in SD

    I just thought I would share a positive pool story here in South Dakota. One of our league operators put together a Pink league where all the money goes to a local person or persons going through tough times. I hope this catches on all over like it did with darts...
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    I've started posting some of my games on youtube and welcome any feedback.
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    Anyone interested in helping send a young player to China?

    I read her story today on Facebook and thought it would be cool to try and help her out. Anyone interested here is the link.
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    Help with a cue problem

    I've owned many McDermotts and I just got a new McDermott butt over the weekend. When I roll it by itself it rolls perfectly straight but when I put any of the shafts on it it has a nice little bow when rolling it. The i3 doesn't bow much and an older maple shaft doesn't show much light at all...
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    AZB'ers in the Fargo area?

    Basically we don't have any real great pool halls in the area so a couple teammates and I are going to make a trip to Fargo Billiards one of these weekends coming up. We aren't sure when yet but I'm just wondering about some members that play out of there incase any of you can make it to meet...
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    I think I've fallen in love

    I just started playing and LOVE it. I practice alone a lot and am kind of bored of racking 8 and 9 ball. I still suck at both but I needed a change. I've watched 14.1 a fair amount on youtube but it's always matches and I didn't even think to practice it alone until I seen someone mention bih...
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    Help with my stroke

    Well I finally found some time to video myself today and I didn't realize how terrible my stroke is. I've long said I'm the worst shooter on the forum and after watching myself shoot I'm pretty sure I was right. If someone that has some experience as an instructor or hell anyone for that...
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    Looking for another pool book this time instructional

    So I posted before about pool books with road stories and got a great list and I've bought 3 and have enjoyed them all and look forward to ordering the next pool wars book but this time I'm looking for something different. I'm looking for a book/books that is basically a picture book of shots...
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    Paypal question for you sellers

    I recently bought a cue and the guy I bought it from created a paypal just so I could pay that way. As always, I used good & services and I'm not sure if that's what caused the problem. Is it a normal practice to have to wait 21 days to withdraw the money? If so is there anyway to shorten the...
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    Can you change a Phenolic tip to a leather?

    It's probably a dumb question but can you change the phenolic tip to a leather tip? I have a Stinger break cue and I just can't control the cb on my break with a phenolic tip. I've actually switched to breaking with a G-Core shaft so I can still get my cb center table. On that note, is there...