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    3/8x10 shaft

    no longer looking, thank you
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    $1500 Dzuricky for $800

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    Bob Dzuricky DZ

    Bob Dzuricky "DZ" - Ebony and curly maple, Ivory rings outlined with nickle silver, 5 points w/4 veneers in each. 3/4" ss 3/8-10 joint. 2 shafts- *Dz G cored shaft with 1/2" micarta ferrule, kamui tip. 12.75mm *Dz regular maple shaft with juma ferrule. le pro tip. 12.75mm...
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    Woodworth j/b

    19.5oz lyptus wood 3/8-10 pin. $200 + shipping. no trades please. just need cash right now. Pics here 505-270-4440
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    Dz, woodworth, gtf package.

    For sale: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Bob Dzuricky "DZ" - Ebony and curly maple, Ivory rings outlined with nickle silver, 5 points w/4 veneers in each. 3/4" ss 3/8-10 joint. 2 shafts- *Dz G cored shaft with 1/2" micarta ferrule, kamui tip...
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    Looking for feedback

    Hi, I have never posted a video of myself playing. So here it is, Please let me know what I could be doing better. A clip of me breaking with my (new to me) Woodworth J/b Break I was just messing around in the beginning and end of the rack not focusing very much. But the rest is alright...
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    Brunswick Bumper pool table

    I was wondering if this Brunswick bumper pool table was a good deal I went and looked at it and it's in almost perfect shape.
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    Tried a different league, and...

    One of my friends asked me to be on his Monday night BCA 9 ball league. I used to be on his Tuesday night VNEA 8 ball bar box league, and I absolutely hated it. So I like this format each player breaks once and we play two games each match, to ten games total. And we get to play on the 9'...
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    WTB jump/break

    I'm looking for a jump/break. Something like a older sledgehammer or xbreaker type j/b. Around $200 would be nice. Let me know what u have, thanks.
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    Aska Break cues

    Does anyone know anything about these aska jump/break cues ?,-Jump-Break-billiard-pool-cue-sticks/c214/index.html?page=1
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    Fun and Frustrating practice game

    Try this out and see how far you can get.... To start take 3 balls(1,2,3) and rack them on the spot and then go break and run them out in order. You don't need to make a ball on the break, there is no ball in hand. try to string together 3 racks like this. If you miss a shot you must start...
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    My new DZ

    My first custom "my design" cue is done. EXACTLY what I wanted. I just have to finish paying Mr.Dzuricky then I shall have this cue in my hands. :-) Thought I would share this with AZB.
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    WTB Shaft

    Joint diameter is .850 Pin I think is 5/16-14 I'm not sure about the pin so I attached pics Please correct me if i'm wrong. Let me know what you have.
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    Looking for a Shaman cue that went missing

    Hi I'm looking for a Shaman cue that was lost some years ago during a tournament in Las Vegas. It was a friend of mine who owned it, let another friend use it and they lost it or got it stolen. He really misses that cue and I was just wondering if anyone on here has seen this cue or has it. I...
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    An idea of the decline of pool.

    I was just thinking about the decline in pool and how a lot of people say it's dying. How many "All" ages pool halls are in your town/city? How many pool halls are 21+ because of the alcohol? Here in Albuquerque I grew up during my teen years in an all ages pool hall. Thats where I learned to...
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    Sharking doesn't exist.

    Never going to understand why people complain about where pool is gonna end up. Or how one person's behavior at the pool table ruins pool it's only going to give pool recognition. Bad publicity is just as effective as good plublicity and you just have to ask yourself, why do you let someone...
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    Congrats Tommy!

    I just wanted to send a quick shout out for my friend Tommy Tokoph for finishing 8th place in the DCC banks. Good Job Tommy, way to get Albuquerque on the board!
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    Online Pool Why are there not more people playing on this site? I'm on right now if anyone wants to play. (Mclovin) is gamertag
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    WTT Computer

    Just throwing this out there, I don't know if anyone is even looking to trade a cue or leather case for a computer but here goes... AMD Phenom 2 X4 940 black edition. 3.0Ghz overclocked to 3.6Ghz / with a huge Cooler Master Heatsink keeps this cpu nice and cold. 4GB 1066 ddr2 Corsair ram /...
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    VNEA and Headphones

    Someone told me wearing headphones is not allowed. I can't find that rule anywhere can someone please point it out to me.