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  1. brechbt

    Table mechanic in Western North Carolina

    I'm looking for a table mechanic in the greater Asheville, NC area. I've just moved here from Chicago and need my table reassembled and recovered. PM me with any info you have.
  2. brechbt

    Asheville table mechanics

    Anyone know of any good table mechanics in Asheville, NC? I've just moved here from the Chicago area and need my table set up and recovered. I'll post this in the mechanics section, but wanted it here also because of the much larger readership. Thanks.
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    inserting smiley :angry:
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    cuetip de-mushroomer

    It's been a while since I read about these, and I just got one, so I thought I'd put the word out again about this cheap, neat tool. This trimmer that looks like a big pencil sharpener is extremely effective in trimming a mushroomed tip flush to the ferrule. I hesitated buying one, thinking that...
  5. brechbt

    Interesting pic of Earl

    I was watching that 2002 match of Earl vs Bustamante that someone posted earlier. I stopped the video to go do something, and when I restarted it this happened to be the shot the screen was frozen on. I thought it was interesting enough to share; seems to capture Earl's intensity nicely. He's...
  6. brechbt

    Can you boost your game just by watching pros play?

    Yesterday someone posted a Vimeo clip of Corey Dueul running 194 balls on someone's home table. I watched it; even though it wasn't in competition, there's something compelling about watching a pro string a run together with no apparent effort. In particular, when you see someone shooting like...
  7. brechbt

    Shipping cues from US to Canada

    Last week I shipped a cue to Canada for the first time; I'm in the Chicago area. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the whole process was smooth and simple. I thought I'd post a recap here in case anyone else is curious about it. Don't bother readying this if you're experienced in this; I'm only...
  8. brechbt

    Shipping cues from US to Canada

    I have a potential buyer for a cue; I'm in Chicago area, he's in Canada. I've never shipped a cue to Canada before. The cue has no ivory; the handle area is kingwood. Any potential issues with this shipment? I'm unwilling to mis-state the contents on the customs form. My concern is that Canadian...
  9. brechbt

    Ron Kilby pool cue FS

    Ron Kilby wood pin pool cue for sale. Ron is mostly known for carom cues, but also makes pool cues. His cues are different from other makers in his philosophy about wood pins, balance point, and joint thickness. Here is a link to his website describing his design concepts. This cue has a very...
  10. brechbt

    Orange Crusher--get it soon

    I recently took advantage of Mike Gulyassy's $100 off sale on Orange Crushers. I really like this break cue a lot. This is the first purpose-built break cue I've owned, so I can't compare it with another break cue. However, it is worlds better than the cue I was using--a purple heart jump cue...
  11. brechbt

    Another ball cleaning tip

    I've been using Brillianize for a while for routine ball cleaning. Brillianize is a thin spray product that is almost like Windex in consistency. It does a good job of cleaning and brightening the balls. It doesn't do well, though, in removing those pesky impact marks that you get; those end up...
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    what do you think

  13. brechbt

    More Jungo

    From watching the SVB vs. Dimitri Jungo challenge match, I got interested in Jungo. I'd never heard of him before, but he seems to be a world class player possessed of a huge amount of poise. A quick search on Youtube found this Jungo match, presented here for your enjoyment. This is a...
  14. brechbt

    Who is Dimitri Jungo?

    I've been watching that SVB vs Jungo match. Who is this guy? Please don't answer "A Swiss pool player"--I've obviously got that far. I haven't seen him in anything else. His game seems very strong--pinpoint position, solid shot making, lots of composure. In fact, his style seems very similar to...
  15. brechbt

    "glassing" a shaft

    Probably most of us have heard of using a glass rod or similar glass tool to remove dings from a shaft. I've tried it once or twice, with decent success. I had a shaft that was on my main playing cue for a while, that had picked up several dings from the usual bumping around. I decided to try...
  16. brechbt

    Four cues FS--good players, good bargains

    Want to sell these four nice cues that are just not getting enough play. 1) Pat Diveney butterfly SP. Nice bocote with butterfly of blue, green, natural, red, and a lacewood cap. Very slight roll; I think most people would call it straight. One very small ding in handle area; no other dings...
  17. brechbt

    test of course

    Test 1 2 3 4 aaa Bbb Ccc ddd cue a cue b cue c 1 2 3 4 fff
  18. brechbt

    Measuring cushion rebound

    Are there any standards for measuring cushion rebound? I have a 5 year old no-name table that plays pretty well, but I've been wondering lately if the rubber has lost some of its bounce. It's not noticeably dead or slow, but I assume that the rubber ages and slows down over the years. How do you...
  19. brechbt

    great 14.1 match from 1995

    Someone posted this a couple days ago as an example of a nice opening shot in a 14.1 match. Actually, it's the first clip of an entire 14.1 match between Reyes and Rempe. It's really a nice match, taped well, with good commentary from Danny DilLiberto and Grady Mathews. I hadn't seen it before...
  20. brechbt

    LD shaft question

    It seems to be common knowledge that low deflection shafts achieve that benefit by reducing tip mass, through use of a thinner tip diameter, hollow shaft end, and shorter ferrule. My question is this: what difference does it make to use an engineered, spliced shaft on top of these other design...