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  1. VIProfessor

    Tired of hearing how straight pool is the best game

    I must add something to my previous post. Unfortunately, there was absolutely NO straight pool played in the VI in my youth, so I had ZERO exposure to the game until my mid-20's when I went to UMASS and met Jim Martin and Bob Lisciotti (yes, Larry's cousin), and started locking horns everyday...
  2. VIProfessor

    Tired of hearing how straight pool is the best game

    In the Virgin Islands we called it "Juice" and played it 3 or 4-handed with five money balls (5, 8, 11, 13, & 15), and the last money ball was worth double. Depending on the players and the situation, the price per ball went from "half and one (.50 and a $1)" all the way to $100 and $200. The...
  3. VIProfessor

    Mosconi cup

    "...and he that ruleth his spirit [is greater] than he who taketh a city." I don't know Billy Thorpe, but he is clearly a young man of immense talent and immense issues. We can only pray that he brings his inner demons under control.
  4. VIProfessor

    An Open Letter

    The man was not fighting the LAPD. He was on the ground being brutally beaten with batons by multiple police officers. Stick to talking about pool, where your analog clock is correct at least twice a day.
  5. VIProfessor

    Predator World 8 Ball Championship (Nov 19-22), Puerto Rico, Winner $60K

    Wasn't that a great match? I picked a great year to go to Vegas!
  6. VIProfessor

    "Other" Mosconi People Not on the Team

    That's taking it too far. You don't exclude your best player.
  7. VIProfessor

    "Other" Mosconi People Not on the Team

    Didn't he recently rob Oscar?
  8. VIProfessor

    Hey railbirds…!

    Way to go Adam!!!! Do you know if any of his matches were streamed? Hey Dave! How's it going bro?
  9. VIProfessor

    How many Cues do you own today

    A Schon SP-7 w/leather wrap and a sneaky pete looking J&J break/jump cue--that's all. But there's room in my case for a dedicated jumper, Freddie! 😎🤣
  10. VIProfessor

    Billiards is too European

    I have to follow up on my earlier statement by pointing out that against all odds, the Virgin Islands (pop. 89,000) produced a Junior World Champion who has all the talent and other ingredients to be a top player. Our little pool community nurtured him and thanks to tremendous sacrifice by his...
  11. VIProfessor

    Billiards is too European

    Q: What's the difference between a pro pool player and a large pizza? A: The pizza can feed a family. Black kids aren't aspiring to be broke, and to the extent that playing pool can result in full pockets, it's by staying under the radar. That's why you've got far more great Black money players...
  12. VIProfessor

    International Final Four in 9Ball

    It's time to Feed da Ghost!
  13. VIProfessor

    Easy 8B puzzle! ( taken from a real match )

    Option A all day! I really believe that if you're considering anything else, you need weight from a 664-rated player. You DON'T want such a player coming back to the table, and you want to take care of that eight ball while you have BIH and that one-ball as such lovely insurance. Seven in the...
  14. VIProfessor

    Predator brings back World 8 Ball Championship (14-20 Nov2022)

    No need to bash my neighboring island because of your friend's experience! I, for one, have never had anything but the best experiences playing pool in Puerto Rico, whether gambling or playing in tournaments. It has its problems, to be sure, but it is a great, great place with wonderful people...
  15. VIProfessor

    Colleges in the US that have an active pool team/community?

    Cornerman, Poolbum and I represent UMASS/Amherst and Hampshire College (of 30+ years ago), and it's a lifelong club of three. I'd say it's a pretty fine set of passionate bangers (two state champions and an ACUI National runner up). Anybody else here from the Five Colleges? Fred, do you know...
  16. VIProfessor

    What 90's pro from TV am I thinking of?

    You guys are rough! I think it has something to do with where you went to school. 😎
  17. VIProfessor

    What Happened to Justin Bergman?

    I'm not saying anything against a sales job. I've done them myself. But if you're among the best in the world in a sport, I suspect you would prefer to be playing that sport if there was a feasible way to do it and properly make a living and raise a family.
  18. VIProfessor

    What Happened to Justin Bergman?

    If an 801 Fargo rated player is selling windows for a living, doesn't that tell us all we need to know? Do any of us really think he wouldn't prefer to spend his days at the pool table?
  19. VIProfessor

    Rafael Martinez.....??

    I don't get around much anymore (the Duke!), but back in the day this was not uncommon. In my first road trip, my very first match up lasted 19 hours. And I've been in and seen longer. Pool is not for the weak of heart!
  20. VIProfessor

    US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City

    Yup! Looks like Kaci's figured out the right break from the new box. This is why single elimination rounds, combined with short races, is such a pernicious concept at this level.