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    Ruling question

    I stopped at a local 3 man 8 ball tournament yesterday. A question came up from a teammate of the A team I was rooting for. It was a tight match. Team J's 14 point lead after six games was reduced to 4 with two games left. Player J was at the table with three balls left, opponent's group...
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    Teflon coating on cloth

    The tables at the local Senior Center will hopefully be recovered soon after over a year trying to find someone to stop in to give a quote. Someone is stopping soon who posted in his ad that he uses a Teflon coated cloth. Interested in opinions about this type of cloth. Will it be thicker...
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    Mike Wheeler cue

    A friend of mine purchased a Mike Wheeler cue in 1991 from a dealer in San Antonio. I believe it is black with four points, but it has been over 25 years since I have seen it. He made a comment in an email last year that he would consider selling it. What kind of values do his cues have in...
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    Doubles Tournament question

    This situation happened to me this week. My partner and I won the first three matches in a small 8 team double elimination tournament. The race was to two games. We were in the hot seat and waiting for the survivor of the left side bracket. My partner had to leave. I was told that I...
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    Oxford Nebraska 9-Ball

    Does anyone remember going to the annual 9 ball tournament in Oxford, NE in the 80's (or 70's)? Oxford is a small town SW of Grand Island that used to host a nice sized 9 ball tournament. A friend of mine from Norfolk, NE participated in the mid 80's. Players were hosted by residents of the...
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    I related to Dagwood yesterday

    I liked the Blondie comic in yesterday's paper. I can relate to him when there is an unexpected time off from work and my wife is still working. My reaction is likely to find a pool table too.
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    What is this jump cue worth?

    I spotted a Lucasi Hybrid jump cue at a local pawn shop over six months ago. I could not take it apart, and it would only turn a little bit. The price tag is $90. About two months back, I stopped in a gain and asked a guy if he could take it apart. He looked at it and determined that it...
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    Team Tournament tie breaker idea

    What are some thoughts about a tie breaker game for team tournaments in 8-Ball. I think it would be interesting to have a scotch game for the final game to determine the winner. Scotch Doubles, Triples, Quads or Quints. A team could select 2 or more players instead of one for the decider...
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    Eye patch contact lens

    The vision on my left eye went to double vision when a tumor grew around the optic nerve in 2001. The center of the vision is blacked out, but I still can see the peripheral areas. The double vision that is left has been bothering me lately, so I started to wear a patch when shooting...
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    This is Not about Shane!

    Pick a number between 1 & 20,000 and post it here. 777
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    Live feed Bingo?

    This might be another way to place a side bet for those keeping a close eye on the live feeds on the 8 Ball tournament today. At least until there are less than 16 tables. Pick a line; Up, Down or Diagonal. When your line fills with wins, you are the winner.
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    Vote for Austin Murphy

    I have been anxiously watching the voting on IPT. Austin has climbed into the number four position. When looking through the listings of videos available on that website, I see there are lots of options with Efren and Earl. I want to see Austin play a big match. When voting, click on the...
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    Rare Huebler Custom Cue on eBay

    Ends tonight. One of 2 or 3 like it to come out of the Huebler Custom Shop. Not mine, but I know the owner, and have played a few games with it.
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    CR Hamilton, where are you?

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    Impossible Cut variation

    The "Impossible Cut" is a trick shot where the object ball is placed on the center spot on the rail and cue ball on the center of the head string. Has anyone tried the diagramed shot as an extreme variation? I made this one time (out of many attempts) on a Valley table and a very flexible cue...