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    What Is The Most Over Rated Cue?

    This may be a boneheaded question, but for all of you who answer Predator, are we talking about the overall cues or also the after market shafts? I have no desire to get a predator cue, but I do like my 314-2 shaft.
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    Diamond pro am questions

    Great room. But do you need me to send you some Bruins gear to class it up a bit? Lol
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    Diamond pro am questions

    Are you happy with the light? I am considering a Littman light as well.
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    Diamond pro am questions

    I’ll call around on prices. As far as maple vs oak- any more opinions? And Trent- we talked on the phone a couple weeks ago. Do you have any tables now? Deliver to 46321 zip? I can be flexible on delivery time. Haven’t closed yet.
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    Diamond pro am questions

    Thanks! I was just discussing that in the thread about Johnny Archer’s new bar/pool hall. I will check those out as well.
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    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    Thanks. I was just at the Brunswick site, and must have missed it. Are they brand new? Is there a non-coin op version?
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    Diamond pro am questions

    Hey guys. Got divorced during the pandemic and moving to a new house. Can only fit a 7 footer. Almost definitely going Diamond pro-am. I like the rosewood finish. Simonis tournament blue 860. 1. I like the look of maple over oak. Any downside to it, other than additional cost? Is it less...
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    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    I watched the Youtube video. What are the new model 7 foot Brunswick tables that JA refers to? He says that they are like a 7 foot GC. Thanks in advance for the info.
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    Pool Drills on Youtube

    I’m putting up a tv on the wall near my table in the basement. While I’m doing it mainly to be able to watch sports while playing pool, I also want to use it to do some pool drills which I find online (on youtube, etc). Is there a good serious of online instructional videos that you guys can...
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    Which light for 8 foot pro table?

    I'm getting a new light for my 8 foot pro Olhausen Remington table. I have a 55" three shade light now. I know that they say for a 9 foot table go with a 72" four shade light. What about for a 8 foot pro (8.5 feet?) Thanks in advance
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    Championship tour edition colors

    I'm going to put new cloth on my home table, and am going with championship tour edition. I have teenagers, and in my experience it holds up better than Simonis 860. I play mainly at home, and am an average recreational player. My questions: 1. Who has played on the basic championship...
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    Which cue for a kid?

    I have a home table in my basement, and my 9 year old twins are getting into learning to play. I have a couple of shorter house cues, but want to get each their own two piece cue. That way they won't fight over who gets which cue, etc. I got my son a 48 inch one that he likes. The only...
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    Question about leather drop pockets

    Will leaving pool balls in leather drop pockets on a furniture style table when its not in use damage or stretch out the pockets? I have to imagine the extra weight in them over a long period of time does some damage, but can't recall ever reading anything about it Thanks for the info.
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    How would you handle this?

    I moved across town over Memorial day weekend, and hired a reputable company to move and recloth my table. I just noticed (actually a friend pointed it out) that the table has a roll/unevenness to it. The mechanic seemed to have known what he was doing. Maybe it's just the floor settling in...
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    Question for all the league players

    Do you guys feel happy/proud when you move up a level in your handicapped league, because it's a sign that you are improving and your practice and hard work is paying off? or Are you bummed when you move up because your new handicap level will make it harder for you to win? Just wondering...
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    Question about chalk

    Okay, this may be a stupid question, but here goes. I just moved houses and reclothed my table, from green to Championship tour edition in gold. I'm using the tan master's chalk with it. Here's my question- when I play in league it's on standard Valley bar tables with green cloth. I'm...
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    Table mechanics in Chicago area?

    I live in Munster, IN, about 20 miles southeast of the loop. I'll be moving to another house in Munster at the end of May, and am looking for someone to move my table across town. I'd like to hear your best price for breaking down, moving and setting up my table. The houses are only a mile or...
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    Ann Arbor, MI- where to play?

    I'll be in Ann Arbor for work this week. Where should I play?
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    Left my cue in the freezing cold

    Like a bonehead, I left my cue in the car last night. And all day today, in the freezing (11 degree) Chicago cold. What kind of damage will that do? I took it down to my basement table, and it rolls straight and seems fine. Might I have done some damage?
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    What's a fair price on Brunswick player's chairs?

    I have a table in my basement and have always wanted one (or two) of those cool looking Brunswick player's chairs. They go for something high like $600-$700 new at Great Escape and stores like that. Sometimes I see them on Craigslist as part of a package with a Brunswick table. I'm currently...