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    Snooker mixed doubles tournament

    I think a mixed doubles tournament is a great idea but I'm disappointed there are only 8 players. I'm wondering if this is because there aren't enough women to have more couples competing? I think it should be alternate shot as well so that the guys are more challenged with possibly being left...
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    Wanted...9' table in Florida

    I'm moving to New Smyrna Beach in Florida at the end of April and I'll be looking for a 9' table to put in the house we have just bought. Wifey wants something like a waterfall type table or something that doesn't look like a pool hall table but I think I might be able to convince her a Diamond...
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    Identifying a table

    Wifey and I are buying a house with a 'games house' which is housing a 9' table. I posted the few pics she sent me and I was wondering if anyone knows who made it. Needs new felt and possibly new rails...