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  1. jeephawk

    Pat Diveney Cue - great person and craftsmanship!

    Four weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Pat Diveney and spending some time in his shop. Was in the area and had called ahead. Unfortunately because of family commitments I only had about 90 minutes - could have talked all day. What a nice guy, and so knowledgeable. Wish I'd had another...
  2. jeephawk

    Nice job Tables Plus - Minnesota!

    Seeing a couple negative threads (not about Tables Plus!) reminded me to get on here and thank Tim Tonjum for a job well done. So - thanks! After years of not playing much at all, got interested again early winter, mostly after discovering this site. Found his name on here from a thread from a...
  3. jeephawk

    Adjusting Anniversary rails

    One of the side rails of my 50s era Anniversary needs to come in a little at the side pocket to make it square. There are (supposed to be) three bolts under the rail (I'm missing the middle one). Is it as simple as loosening the two bolts I have and tapping the rail in a bit until square and...