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  1. WesleyW

    Pred 10-ball, call-game or not?

    I'm wondering, was the Predator 10-ball played with the new WPA 10-ball rules or the same as the 9-ball rules? I've seen some flukes by players, and they still stay on table. Did they call the shot, or did I miss something?
  2. WesleyW

    Universal SmartShaft LSTX

    Have someone played with a Universal SmartShaft LSTX? Or known someone with this shaft? It's a new Universal SmartShaft (not a RS or LS). The shaft got a 11.75mm tip. So it looks like a Z-shaft. I would like to know more of this shaft. Escpecially if the shaft is comparable with a Z-shaft.
  3. WesleyW

    Bear Customs vs Predator

    Anyone heard of Bear Customs? Let me give you a picture: Does it look familiar? I haven't heard much of this brand. So anyone knowing this brand? F. Bustamante is using a cue of this brand. You can see this logo on his shirt. I was searching for some info of this brand, and I'm really...
  4. WesleyW

    Give me your opinion on this cue

    I'm planning to buy this cheap cue, with a Pred. Z2-shaft. I don't want to spend much for a cue. Have search a lot. In my country there aint no much choices of cues with a leather grip, for something around $100 (butt). It got real inlays, so it must be value for money :D . This cue has a black...
  5. WesleyW

    How to change the ferrule

    I'm wondering, how do you guys change a ferrule? Ofcourse I will let it do by a professional. But I'm just wondering. Can someone explain it to me?
  6. WesleyW

    Acceptable price for a new cue

    To a medium-advanced player, what price do you think would be acceptable? Ofcourse it is a personal preference issue. So I'm not asking, what would or can you spend on a cue. I've some thoughts about this. I think a cue below $200 would been an entry level cue. Above $800-$1.000 would be too...
  7. WesleyW


    Chinese production cues have been better in the few years. But can you give me your thoughts about the Lucasi? I would like to know if the quality at this moment are any good or not. Would you buy one if you don't have much money. How does the hit feels. I'm gonna buy one with a pred z-shaft.
  8. WesleyW

    Stack leather grip

    My english isn't very well. So I'm wondering, what does Stack leather stand for? Is it real of imitation leather, or how does it made? Mostly I see advertises saying "Real leather", but I've never heard of something like "Stack leather". And the second, why aren't they using real leather grip...
  9. WesleyW

    Looking for productioncues with radial or 3/8x10 pin

    I would like to know some brandnames, that produce productioncues with radial or 3/8x10 pin. I'm considering buying a productioncue and putting a standard Z-shaft on it, without modification. So, can you give me some names?
  10. WesleyW

    What do you think of these Adams (cues) Just give me your thoughts of these cues. - Which one do you like? - Would you buy it?
  11. WesleyW

    How to play safe

    I've 4 situations, and I would like to know what kind of safety shot you will apply. I don't want to make the ball. I just want to play the best safety. Table 1: Table 2: Table 3:
  12. WesleyW

    Which cue case would you buy?

    If you are only allowed to buy one of the following cue cases, which one would you buy, and why? 1. 4 butts, 6 shafts, with strap, hard tubes inside and springs ($105). 2. 4 butts, 6 shafts, with strap, vinyl exterior and satin dividers inside ($105)...
  13. WesleyW

    Maximum draw/follow/side

    I'm practicing with some maximum english. Sometimes I got some miscueing. When drawing the CB, I would shovel it instead. So, I'm wondering how much english can you apply on a cueball. Beneath I've add a picture, can you say where you can hit without miscueing. Will the 5-line be the maximum...
  14. WesleyW

    What kind of joint thread is it?

    Can someone tell me what kind of joint thread it is? I'm thinking of a 5/16x18. Or would you consider it as a 5/16x14? Any suggestions?
  15. WesleyW

    What is your opinion of my cue (swerve/squirt)

    I own a cue (Longoni P8 with Pro2+), I know, its a billiard cue, not a poolcue, but that's not the question. I've played with this cue for like a half year, and it's a good cue to play with. When playing with english, I usually can predict almost always the deflection/squirt on the cueball. But...
  16. WesleyW

    A lot of ivory....?

    I was searching around on AzBilliards, and saw peoples selling cues with statements like "a lot of ivory". There are also a lot of US peoples who like there cues with many ivory inlays. Sorry, but I just hate those peoples. Do you guys know that they kill animals to get those ivory? Yes, there...
  17. WesleyW

    What will you do in this situation?

    I often encounters this situation, but don't know how to make this shot. What do you guys suggest, try to pot it or play safe? I would like to know how you play this shot.
  18. WesleyW

    Illegal jumping of ball

    I saw this rule from BCA: Why is it a foul when you intentionally causes it to rise off the bed of table? Someone told me, when you do this, you will surely hit the cue ball twice, that's why this is an illegal jump. But when it's accidentally, why isn't this a foul? And what about when you...