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    $ 3500.00 Added 9 ball tournaments

    Racks on the Rocks in Peoria, Illinois has two 9 ball tournaments,both start on 2/7 at 7 p.m. $ 1500.00 added big table 9 ball is straight races to 6, double elimination, winner break, $ 50.00 entry, limited to 64 players. Contact Eric Naretto to reserve your spot. {815} 228-7498. Last years...
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    5k Added bar table 9 ball

    5k added bar table 9 ball
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    fargo rating raises after BCA Registration

    Anyone else had a player get their Fargo raised after registering their team for the BCA Nationals in Vegas?
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    65 & Older Big Table Event

    I am soliciting ideas and interest for a 65 & over big table 9 Ball Tournament. How many players do you think would play?
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    $ 2000.00 Added No Master 8 Ball

    June 28-30- $ 2000.00 added No Master 8 ball at Racks on the Rocks, Peoria,IL. The tournament starts at 7 P.M. on June 28. Play will be on 13 Diamond blue label tables, entry is $ 50.00 + $ 10.00 green fee, double elimination,alternate break. Handicaps are Men/ Women- Advanced- 6/5, Open-...
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    $ 2500.00 Added 9 ball

    June 21-23 $ 2500.00 added handicapped 9 Ball at Racks on the Rocks, Peoria, IL. The tournament starts at 7 P.M. on 6/21. Play will be on 13 Diamond blue label tables, entry is $ 60.00 + $ 15.00 green fee, double elimination, winner break, rack your own. Handicaps are Men/Women, Elite- 11/9...
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    Gold Crown 1

    We have 5 Gold Crown 1 9' pool tables for sale, you can buy one for $ 2000.00, or all 5 for $ 7500.00. They have had the sub rails replaced and extended to make the pockets 4.5" by table mechanic Jack Zimmerman, Artemis cushions and Diamond threaded inserts installed to keep the rails secured...
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    7' Diamond tables

    Looking for 4 Diamond 7' blue label tables.
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    $ 1500.00 Guaranteed Added Big Table 9 Ball.

    Racks on the Rocks will be hosting a Big Table 9 Ball Tournament January 12-14, 2018. Guaranteed $ 1500.00 added, entry fee is $ 40.00, race to 6 both sides, winner break.Play will start on Friday January 12th at 7 P.M. Open to players of all skill levels. Contact Eric Naretto at {815} 228-7498...
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    Inaugural Holiday High Roller 8 & 9 ball Tournaments

    Racks on the Rocks Inaugural Holiday High Roller 8 & 9 ball Tournaments, $ 100.00 entry fee,+ $ 10 green fee for each. Each tournament is capped at 32 players. $ 500.00 added to each tournament on 32 players. No Pros. Both tournaments are alternate break, rack your own. Buy back option for $...
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    Midwest 8 Ball Tournament

    Midwest Team 8 Ball Shootout at Racks on the Rocks December 8-10, 2017. 8 ball, race to 13, double elimination. Final 8 teams will redraw and start over with no losses. 5 Person teams- no handicaps, and no limits on skill levels except- no pro players. Entry fee is $ 500.00 per team, open...
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    Big table 9 ball tournament

    RACKS ON THE ROCKS will be having a Big Table 9 Ball Tournament on Saturday January 7th and Sunday January 8th. Play will be on 5- 9' Gold Crown 1 Tables. They have Artemis Cushions, 4.5" pockets,Simonis 860hr, Aramith Tournament Balls and were setup by Jack Zimmerman. No Pros or Elites. Limited...
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    Scotch doubles 9 ball

    RACKS ON THE ROCKS will be having a Scotch Doubles 9 Ball Tournament on Saturday December 17th. Play will be on 10- Diamond Blue Label 7' Tables. $ 1000.00 added on 32 Teams, maximum of 32 teams. Entry fee is $ 200.00, plus $ 20.00 green fee. Format is Triple Elimination, Races to 7, 2 out of...
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    8 Ball Tournament

    RACKS ON THE ROCKS will be having a handicapped 8 Ball Tournament on Saturday December 3rd. $ 1000.00 added on 64 players. Play will be on 10 Diamond blue label 7' tables. Novice-3, Low Open-4, High Open-5, Advanced-6, Master-7, Elite-8 $30.00 entry plus $10.00 green fee. Alternate...
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    2016 B.C.A. Nationals

    The last couple of years the translucent Cyclop cue ball has been used at the B.C.A Nationals in Las Vegas. Does anyone know if the same cue ball will be used this year?
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    Jack Zimmerman

    Just had Jack Zimmerman from Indiana come over to Peoria,Il and work on our 5 Gold Crown 9' Tables. We had the subrails extended and recalibrated, pockets are now 4.5, new GC IV pocket liners, upgraded to the threaded rail bolt inserts used by Diamond, Artemis Cushions and Simonis 860 HR . We...
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    Cue Locker

    FOR SALE: Antique cue stick holder and locker. Would guess to be around 75 years old, but not really sure. $ 750.00 or best offer.
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    snoooker/3 cushion tables

    For Sale- Gandy 5 x10 Snooker Table in good condition, $1000.00 Also have 1930ish 5 x 10 Brunswick Billiard Table, needs new cloth, cushions, $ 1000.00 or $ 1700.00 for both. Located in Peoria Illinois, PM me or call for more information 309 678 7145.