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  1. outrider1

    Wanted: Vintage Adam '80's "FG" model shaft.

  2. outrider1

    ID a butt?

    Just got this, it looks like a Joss n7 cue. The wood is high quality, the point splices are done by hand it looks like and it's straight. The quality of the mop diamonds seems below par for it and the points aren't even. The pin is actually 5/16x18, never seen on a Joss myself. Tia on any help...
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    ID 2 1x2 Vintage hard cases?

    I have 2 cases very similar EXCEPT the first one has a 2 lock system. The 2 lock one has a small storage compartment for chalk or tools,ect.And the other has the regular 1 lock. I'm interested in knowing the brand of them,TIA.
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    ID 3 1x2 Cases?

    I have 2 similar unknown brand cases,1 is a single lock case,the other is a double lock case one I haven't seen before. That one has a small compartment for storage. The It's George case has no provision for the small and large ccompartments I've seen on those cases before. Any information would...
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    National cue age?

    I have this cue and am wondering if it's the '60's cue made in Chicago or the later ones imported from China about 1970. TIA.
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    Model and year of an Adam,please?

  7. outrider1

    Rare 13.75 Schon shaft on eBay.

    There's a Schon shaft inscribed in gold letters with the tip size of 12.75mm on eBay. Before Runde left the Company, he was concerned about aftermarket shafts being sold as Originals because of their quality. It's my understanding these inscribed shafts were only produced a couple of years. I...
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    Schon cue shaft on eBay

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    Adam cue model and age?

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    ID an early butt. jayman?

    It's a 57" cue,5/16x18 piloted pin,rolls true. Anyone have any knowledge about it? TIA!
  11. outrider1

    Looking for a correct vintage 1981 Adam 1x2 Fellini style case

    I have a clean 1981 Adam cue with two shafts and would like to find the correct factory Adam hard case for it.Also a factory red rubber bumper for it.Thanks in advance!
  12. outrider1

    F/s:"jt"(joel thomas) cue

    Joel is the son of nascars hall of fame inductee "herb" thomas.he is also well known as a top quality craftsman in the trade,no cnc machines,all splicing done by hand.the old way.he started with jerry brock(who learned at viking cues)about 10 years ago.he's made less than 100 cues.this cue is 8...
  13. outrider1

    F/s:fellini 1x2 case,lizard print.

    It's in good shape for it's age,some scuffing on the bottom,it's leather.i had a key made for it and the lock does work but i would not use it as it's made of brass.$400.00,shipped.thanks