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    Custom BEM into Ebony Sneaky

    Built by StudioTronics. Check out the YouTube channel. Very good videos. Have yet to hit with it because it has not arrived yet. Very soon though. BEM into Ebony forearm, no veneers, no inlays, radial pin, roughly 18.5-19oz with a Radial 12.9mm Revo. Communication was rock solid. I was always...
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    Pro Pocket pocket reducers mini-review

    I haven't seen a review of these so figured I'd post up my experience with them. Currently getting the things together to get a tighter top for my GC4. While getting everything together I ordered these Pro Pocket Reducers to give me an idea of the smaller pocket opening. They are shipped from...
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    WTS: Predator Arcos 2 ball set

    Like new Arcos 2 ball set. Clearing out sets I don't need. In great shape, used in a home room environment with carpeted floor. Fresh run through the polisher before shipping. Price includes shipping. $350 shipped.
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    Sold WTS: Cyclops Ladon 20 ball set

    I have too many sets, so looking to offload some. No issues, rarely played with, usually while the other set is in the cleaner. Like new Ladon 20 ball set. Two cue balls and special design money balls. Im asking $$$$ shipped. PayPal add 3%.
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    Sold WTS: J Flowers Break Cue

    Like new J Flowers Break Cue. Used in a home environment. Radial pin, pears to be a G10 tip. Also have a second radial break shaft with a G10 tip included. It's not in the photos but is included. New after discount code is about $$$, I'm asking $$$shipped with both shafts, in the factory box...
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    Extra top for Gold Crown 4?

    Anybody keep an extra set of rails, castings and aprons? Thinking of tracking down a set for my GC4 so I can have MG rework them with Artemis @ 4" pockets, and swap tops from time to time, or have a backup set. Crazy?
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    Ball Holder solution for a GC 4

    Picked this up, or I should say it arrived this week. The factory ball holding area leaves alot to be desired, lets be honest. I was using a Diamond metal wire ball holder but the screw holes fell out funny so I gave this a go. Fits the bill for sure and priced right. Solidly built, three...
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    J. Flowers JF-BK2 review

    Ordered from the J Flowers website. Order was filled by a company in Florida. Billiards Warehouse, I believe. Cue arrived in soft velvet like case with Joint Protectors and a certificate of authenticity. Wrap is leather but has some grip to it. Shaft is carbon, phenolic tip and cue has a...
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    WTB: Gold Crown 4 ball return gullys/tracks

    Currently have pockets and the ball return box. Looking for the tracks/gully system for a 9' Gold Crown 4.
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    Home Room Build Thread

    In light of the other build threads (all of which look to have required substantially more labor than the room I setup), I figure maybe another Start to Finish thread would help keep the fire lit under those in the middle of their own build. I'll start with the site work, stub-ups and...
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    "New" Gold Crown 4 setup

    Gold Crown IV 9ft Matte Black/Chrome castings Tournament Blue 860HR Superspeed Cushion Mark Gregory reworked the rails, tightened them up right Scott Rabon set her up Table is 20 years old. June 29, 2000 is on the end slate in two spots. For being 20 years old it looks fantastic. Plays lights...
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    Best place to order Brunswick Superspeed Cushions?

    Purchased a Gold Crown 4 and when it's refelted and setup I'd like to replace the cushions with the Superspeed Cushions. After MUCH reading here I can sorta conclude that their quality is back to good. But how do you you know when your order a set of Superspeeds, that your receiving a new set...
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    Gold Crown IV stretcher between leg supports?

    I picked up a Gold Crown IV this week and its in pretty good shape besides missing the 4 angle brackets for the aprons and one cross-threaded t-nut and hex bolt on the stretcher, between the two leg supports. Searches on Google and AZ provided alot of stuff not related to the Gold Crown IV terms...
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    For Sale: Predator 8 point sneaky w/ 2 shafts $450

    Up for grabs is a discontinued Predator Sneaky Pete 8 pointer in high-low configuration. Plays great, rolls straight together and apart, and comes with 2 shafts. One shaft is a low deflection Katana, no collar and has a Kamui clear SS on it. The other is a standard Lucasi with railroad ring...
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    Custom Black Limba just came in!!!

    **UPDATE** 5/22/12 Took the cue out to play on the local 9ft Gandy's and it plays great. Good feel, good hit, although different than I'm used to. I was using a 314-2 on an 8pt Predator, but this is feeling good here. I like the taper as well, and the weight feels good. I ran a good number...
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    How small is too small???

    I bought a house in August. Great deal, great house, amazing payment, lol. However, no space for a table unless it's put in the living room. But that won't do. I have a single car garage that measures 11' 6" wide from wall to wall, with maybe 2 extra inches to the drywall total above the...
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    New Adrenaline cue case!!!

    Found this case online for a STEAL after Thanksgiving. It was labeled to be discontinued, so maybe that's why it was a good price. It's a 3x6 setup, 2 pockets, shoulder strap and is genuine leather. Never have heard of Adrenaline, and my searches online have only brought up cues and the...
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    UNDO- The Blue Pool Cue Shaft Cleaner

    The stuff works. I've used different things to attempt to get the 'blue' out of my cue shaft for a while and nothing has quite done it. Shark Oil came the closest, until I bought UNDO. Lots of other ones did make the shaft smooth, but didnt remove any of the color. It comes in a blue bottle...
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    Shore Thing Billiards in Myrtle Beach is AWESOME

    Drove up from Charleston to see John Brumback and Shannon Daulton do an exhibition. It was well worth the drive. We got there about 7:30pm and played on the 7ft'ers until about 8:30pm or so. Shannon and John played banks against each other for a while, then did some set up shots, (John banked...
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    A Viking G50 value???

    I know this fella that wants to sell his Viking. Found out it was a G50. Online prices retail $400ish new, depending on site, and stock availability. What's it worth used? Shaft is lightly blued, ferrule is in good shape, rolls straight apart and together, and NO blemishes anywhere, even the...