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    Tale of two tables

    I have two tables, due to a dishwasher leak upstairs my Gold Crown IV could use the Simonis replaced with a table tune up. No problem there. My other table is a Valley 88 with a crap job done on the Simonis and Penguin cushions which play fine but has 4.5 pockets on all six holes. I really...
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    SBE is on.

    Just received a email, Allen Hopkins is confirming SBE is on for April 18-24th. This is great news. It's been a long two years.
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    Sheldon Lebow 3 piece traveling cue

    Wanted a Sheldon Lebow 3 piece traveler cue. Something simple, near a sneaky Pete design.
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    SBE postponed

    Super Billiards Expo has been postponed once again. This time until June 24-27. It will be reevaluated and announced April 15th. Bummed again.
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    Valley 88 pockets

    I have a Valley 88. It has Penguin cushions and 4.5" pockets, corner and sides. My question is what were the standard pocket sizes of the Valley bar box?
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    Mezz EC7 vs. EC9

    I'm looking to buy either a EC9 or save $140. and get a EC7. What is the difference between a WX700 and the Sigma shaft? They both alluded to a pro taper which is what I'm after. Is it just the Mezz sales talk? I wanted to test drive these cues at SBE but that all turned to crap and maybe even...
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    Thank you Bob Jewett

    A long time coming but a big thank you to Bob Jewett. His links to progressive practice drills and now progressive run out drills with Dr. Dave have been a big help in giving me focused activity during the months in my basement. I've been clipping his columns for years adding them to my...
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    Mezz EC9?

    The other Mezz thread got me going again. I had hoped to test drive, then buy a EC9 at SBE this past April. Now it's scheduled for late October but all things considered I don't know if it's safe to go. So, anyone with a EC9 could you give me the diameter at the butt? Also any thoughts on the...
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    Valley table, another happy customer

    In mid April raycharlesbrown posted a referral to Randy Tate and barpooltables out of NC. I asked Ray some questions here and PM's. He was most helpful so thank you Ray. I've been wanting a Valley barbox to accompany my Gold Crown for a few years now. My local dealer had no interest in...
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    Scruggs/Frey SP experts.

    OK, I know Bob Frey made a lot of sneakies for Tim. My question is about Bob's newer sneaky petes. I have two, both quite different. One is his standard model with a black joint collar, Hoppe ring with his stylized F in the ring. The other is sold as his true/sneaky. No collar and the stylized...
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    Mezz or Samsara

    I'm considering a Merry Widow style cue. Both Mezz and Samsara have wrapless models that interest me, with similar costs $600+ or so. Any thoughts on the two or others that might work?
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    Muller sneaky

    Thinking of getting a new sneaky for bar use. Has anyone played Muller "Hustler"? Could it be a Schmelke without the name stamp and huge bumper?
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    Wanted McDermott M 11 B original

    I'm looking for an original 2001-2009 McDermott M 11 B, either NOS or mint condition. No beaters please. PM good photos and price.
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    McDermott M 11 B, NOS or mint

    The title says it all. I'm looking for a new old stock or really mint M 11 B. No beaters. I understand that CuesPlus is selling a "limited edition" M-11 B. It's not, no thank you, not interested.
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    McDermott/Star Go Cue

    So I just got home from a month long motorcycle tour and while going through the mail I see in Pool & Billiards the ad for the Go Cue a three piece cue that breaks down to 21 inches. This would be perfect for my MC travels. Has anyone shot with this cue? Thoughts? Does it have that McDermott...
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    I find it odd,,,

    Reading through forum questions, I find it odd that the poster should ask a technical question and then argue the given answers just because they are not within the posters belief system. If your too damn stubborn to even listen, don't ask. For one, people responding are taking time out of...
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    Blue Aluminum cue

    Help, I'm still looking for a '60's era 2 piece 57 or 58" blue anodized aluminum cue. This was my first cue and I'm looking for another. Come on, clean that junk out of the closet. Help a geezer feel young again.
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    Aluminum tube case

    I'm looking for a 1x1 or 1x2 aluminum tube case. I see that Prather has them and hope they have some at SBE. Anyone else out there making these? It's for when I tour on motorcycle so waterproof is job one. I had one in the '60's but it's long since disappeared.
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    Table lights, LED?

    I have a 9' table with a three light fixture over it. It's OK with 100 watt bulbs, but you can't buy those anymore. I've tried the CFL bulbs but the ones rated at 100 watt only put out around 60 watts of light. I see they have 150 watt LED bulbs and I would try those but they cost $39.95...
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    Winchester Action Billiards (NoVA)

    Just today I saw that a new place is about to open in Winchester, Virginia. The sign says open soon, so I wondered, when? Is anyone here connected to them? Will there be a house pro and would he be SPF oriented? Just looking for the low down. This hall is in an ideal location just yards...