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    Cory Barnhart sale or trade

    Crop your pictures down.
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    Rare? 9 signatures from 1991 world championships old Huebler

    I would advise against removing any signatures. Keep the cue original.
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    Bludworth Cue

    Is the butt and shaft warped? Is there daylight variation under the butt and shaft when rolled separately? If so, how much? For example, a credit card thickness or more. Thanks.
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    2021 Doug Patrick Cue

    PM sent.
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    -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:----Richard Black Shanin cue----:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-

    Cue is priced right. Can't buy a new one for this price and it would not be Ivory. If I wasn't buying a new lathe I would be all over this. Richard's cues are the nuts.
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    Stolen cue

    Been a long time. Don't remember the town name. It was in Texas.
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    Stolen cue

    I let a guy try one out once. He wouldn't pay me and would not send the cue back. I contacted his local police and told them the story. They went to his house and made him send the cue back. Forget the lawyers, they will cost you more than the cue is worth. Try to track the guy down. Good luck...
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    Sold TNS Brazilian Rosewood Widow

    Good builder. Quality work.
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    Rare 1 of 1 Jimmy Caras Pool Hall Sign

    I had the pleasure of watching Jimmy Caras play in an exhibition match in Alton, IL in the sixties. A local pool room owner in Wood River named James O. Bick defeated Caras in an exhibition straight pool match in Tulsa Oklahoma at one time. J.O. Bick had the news paper clipping about the match...
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    Sold Very Fancy Mike Stacey Mint FS sold.

    Signed Mike Stacey mint condition. Fanciest Stacey I have ever seen. Cue is absolutely perfect. I will let the pictures do the talking. Butt 15.16 oz. Shaft 1 3.60 oz, 13 mm. Shaft 2 3.61 oz, 13 mm. 58" cue, 29" split. 3/8-11 joint pin. Real Lizard wrap. Wizard tips. This cue is unbelievable...
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    I uploaded a joint pin photo.