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    LF Gold Letter JOSS N-20

    Hi Guys, any Joss N-20 up for sale or trade? Thanks in advance... Best Markus
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    WTB: Wrapless Tascarella

    Hi Guys, like the title said, i am looking for a wrapless Tasc. I am located in Germany, so a non ivory one is a must... Cash in the bank aswell as lot of trade options... Thanks in advance Markus
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    Amazing Arthur cue for sale or trade!!!

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    Help me find that Murnak case, PLEASE!

    Hi, i totally felt in love with that Murnak case. If you know the owner or you are the owner, please let me know if there is any chance to buy or trade it. Thanks in advance Best Markus
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    LTB: Mike Bender cue

    Hi, i am looking for a Mike Bender cue. Only acceptable woods are ebony, bocote and maple. Plains are welcome aswell as every combination of the named woods. Cue should have two shafts, be straight, if it has points veneers are a huge plus. If you have something to offer, please send pics...
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    Murnak and/or Swift cases out there?

    Hi, i am looking for Murnak cases (prefer 2/4, but have a look at anything available) and Swift cases (any size envelope, 3/6 or bigger tube case, maybe a 2/4 with the rare sideways lid) Thanks in advance Markus
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    Swift cases

    Hi, i am looking for a few Swift cases. -3/6 -4/8 -Envelope and 2/4 cases if they have a special top (like the old flowers cases). All cases can be used with some patina but no abbused ones please. Pics and price to please. If you are not willing to ship overseas, don't torture...
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    WTB Melton case

    Hi, any Melton cases out there? Btw: I am located in Germany, so if you are not willing to ship overseas, don't torture me with stuff i can not get, please. Stay save! Thanks in advance Markus
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    Wanted: Samsara playing cue

    Hi, i am looking for a Samsara cue. Only interested in cues which have any kind of swirl in it. Preferred is a second shaft (both need to be original). Have cash or several cues to trade. BB, Vollmer, Arthur, Cog, Schön and some more. Lets see you have... Best Markus
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    Sixpoint black boar

    SORRY, but decided to only trade for an Omega/DPK + cash!!! Hi, up for sale or trade is a sixpoint BB. Butt in like new condition (16oz), one shaft unplayed (4,5oz, 13mm) other shaft test hit only (4,3oz, 13mm).Everything straight together and apart. Trades are especially welcome for an ivory...
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    Custom BB

    No longer for sale….
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    10 Custom, 5 Joss cues for trade

    Hi, up for trade… Bundle offer: All five Joss cues for $1675 shipped...!!! Custom cues: 1: 8 pointer Vollmer, 3 original shafts, 3 Mezz expro 2: 4 pointer sideways Josswest, 2 shafts, has been SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! 3: 4 floating pointer Perry Weston, 2 shafts, 60 inch even splitted 4...
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    WTB: set of BB jp's

    Looking for a set of Black Boar Joint protectors,,, Needed to be shipped to Germany.
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    Searing and black boar value

    Hi Guys, unfortunately and suddenly a friend of mine passed away and left a widow with a big bunch of cues. I would really appreciate if some kind guys could tell me something about the value of the following Searing and Black Boar. Both cues have two original shafts. Everything is straight...
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    Omega DPK

    Hi Guys, Looking for an Omega DPK... Must have: Two shafts (straight!, aswell as together) Veeners Ebony forearm would be a huge plus No go: Flared butt So, show up what you got. Best Markus
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    Black Boar FS-2

    Hi Guys, i have a nice Black Boar FS-2 in good condition. I would like to know something about its value… Every oppinion appreciated except that it is worth what somebody is willling to pay for. Thx in advance Best Markus
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    WTB: Schon R12 or STL19

    Hi, i'm looking for a Schon R12 (green veneers) or a STL19... Let me know what you got;-) Best Markus
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    Ft: Perry Weston Custom Cue

    PRICE REDUCED: $1350 all inclusive!!! Hi Guys, i would like to offer a fancy Perry Weston Custom cue for trade. Trades up (a little extra-money is in the pipeline) and down are welcome. Cash offers aswell. Butt: 15,05oz 75cm straight Shaft: 4,15oz 75cm 13,25mm straight aswell as straight...
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    Perry Weston for trade...

    Hi Guys, I added an amazing old and rare 2/4 Flowers case. Condition is exceptional!!! Will find pics a post below within the next 48h. Would offer cue and case combined for $1750 firm. No lowball offers for the case only, please. Case has been SOLD!!! I am offering a really nice Perry Weston...
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    Is it a Scruggs?

    Hi Guys, how can i verify wether this cue is a Scruggs or not? After nearly verified that it is a Scruggs... anyone interested in buying it or will trade something? Thx Markus