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    Another who made it

    No logo, I think palmer pm-4, but joint collar throws me off.(silver nickle?) The furrle is yellowish, and came in a Adam tube case Thanks Charlie D PS cue is 57 inch
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    Cue maker business cards

    I collect Cuemakers business, I have made this request once before years ago, but here I go again. If any cuemakers would willing to send me a business card, I would be thankful. Please PM your address, I will get a self addressed and stamped envelope to you. Thanks Charlie D
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    Winner of Neighbors pool cue is

    Winner for Richard Neighbors conversion cue is post 71, mjkeil62. Congrats, send Pm with address, will get cue out to you. Winner of the AZBilliards patch is Poolplaya9, send address ,will get it out to you. Thanks .. Charlie D
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    Giveaway, R Neighbors Conversion

    No strings attached giveaway, 2010 I had Richard Neighbors convert a Tru Balance cue . The rules are no complaining , one post per member, I will pay shipping. no shipping outside the USA. Sorry The giveaway will end October 1, 2017 @ 6 PM EST. I will use to generate a winning...
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    Jimmy Caras signature

    I found the signature of Jimmy Caras on the back of a Billiard hall business card. I compared to other known signatures, and see a similarity but not exact. What says you, real or written by someone else?
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    Pictures test
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    Cuemakers Business Cards

    I collect Cuemakers Business cards, always searching for the newer Cuemakers and especially the older Cuemakers Business cards. If you collect maybe we can trade, as I have doubles of some of them. Let me know what you have, maybe we can cut a deal. Charlie D
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    Lucky's Favorite 1996 Poster

    A recent pick up, Lucky's Favorite 1996, Thought I would share. I really appreciate the chance to hang it on my wall. Charlie D PS, Size is 27x33, and sorry about quality of the picture
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    JB case review

    I won this Ultimate Rugged case , from the "what's in your JB Case" thread. The case is sturdy and is well made stitching is straight. Material is tough. 3 pockets to hold most items a person could need in a pool hall, Well maybe not $20,000 but quite a lot. The...
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