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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    Thanks for your help Rick! Scott Lee
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    Finally pulled the trigger on professional instruction

    Alabama8Ball...Just curious, but what organization are you certified as an instructor through? Scott Lee
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    Finally pulled the trigger on professional instruction

    What do you believe "extending my follow through" does? Scott Lee
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    Hu...I lived in MT for many years. The annual "coin-op" state championships were always run by the Valley charterholders (which also controlled all the other gambling as well...jukebox, pinball, poker machines, etc). There were 300+ players every year, and it was always held at a hotel...
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    Billiard Glove help please

    There's only two sizes for the Predator and lg/xlg. Scott Lee
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    I've been a big fan of JB Cases since John started making them, and continue to be today. Best case imo! Scott Lee
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    How Do I Stop Scratching On This Shot?

    Quit shooting so hard. Otherwise you will scratch every time. Roll the CB and cut the 8 in. Scott Lee
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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    bump, for more eyes... Scott Lee
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    Brothers Billiards, new kind of pool room.

    You probably stopped in on the weekend both times. During the summer they have very limited hours and are not open on weekends at all (??? makes no sense). They close for about 3 weeks in August to get ready for the incoming students. The tables play okay, but are not kept up at all...nobody...
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    Brothers Billiards, new kind of pool room.

    Palace Billiards, in the basement of The Ritz, closed permanently several years ago. The pool room on campus is alive and well. Oh, and that 'big college' is called the University of Montana. Scott Lee
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    Brothers Billiards, new kind of pool room.

    Glen...Is this Mike's place? Scott Lee
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    Changing cue weight with age

    Mike...I've been playing with 18 oz cues for the past 25 'em. Scott Lee
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    Terrible stroke

    Doug...I'm ready whenever you are! Scott Lee
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    Mark Wilson - lesson

    straightline...Once again you show how clueless you are. You don't even know what SPF is about, nor how it is used to create great repeatable PSR's! Anyone who understands SPF knows that connecting the brain to your PSR #1 (there are 3 PSR's) is essential. Scott Lee
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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    alstl...I believe it was a lowlife living at the hotel. There were several likely characters I saw during the three days I stayed there. Just keeping this on the front page for awhile... Scott Lee
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    Aiming System Or Not?

    You are what should be phased out...again, your lack of real pool knowledge is astonishing Scott Lee.
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    Terrible stroke

    So you don't even know if your lines are straight, your stroke is straight, or your 'aiming' is straight. I'm coming to Miami in a couple of weeks. Let's get together, and fix this once and for all! Scott Lee
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    Looking for an instructor in the Omaha Nebraska area

    smallstonefan...If you're interested, I travel the country and would come to you in Omaha to work with you on your home table. Lessons are video-recorded while we do it, and you keep them for review. If you're interested PM me your information and we'll talk more. Scott Lee
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    Terrible stroke

    Are you using a lazer level so you know your lines are truly straight? Scott Lee
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    Santa Monica House of Billiards being sold?

    CB...I remember! I gave many lessons in HOB over the years. I still have the RAKM UP license plates...they're just FL plates now!...and I downsized to a Mazda CX5. You are lucky to have your poolroom where you live...and I've enjoyed playing with you there a few times. Patti is doing pretty...