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  1. Pool Hand Luke

    Did I make a bad call as Tournament Director?

    If it's a bar table the 8 ball can't be spotted. Also if the 8 was made it would be the last ball to come back up on the new rack as it would be last in line in the ball return. That sounds a little fishy to me, so I would tend to believe Bob more than Vic, but agree with the others that say...
  2. Pool Hand Luke

    Moderation Change and Rules Clarification

    It's right under the forum optiions bar. However there's also an "X" on the far right side that allows one to dismiss this warning by clicking it.
  3. Pool Hand Luke

    Jayson Shaw 14.1 Run Story to Air on "60 Minutes"

    Years back Morley Safer did a piece on Jackie Gleason which had several clips of him playing pool along with the stories of him acting, hosting his own TV variety show, etc. He was often referred to as "The Great One", and at the end of the segment Safer asked Gleason's opinion of that...
  4. Pool Hand Luke

    Missed the money ball. Why?

    One helpful tip I've read is to imagine one more ball on the table and play for shape after you make the money ball. This idea is also useful to avoid scratching after the money ball shot.
  5. Pool Hand Luke

    eBay Disappointment

    Nice looking, but in my opinion the design promotes chalking in a manner that wears out the center and neglects the otherwise useful portions of the cube. Not to mention possibly turning most of your ferrule blue or whatever color your chalk may be.
  6. Pool Hand Luke

    Show us your cubes.

    Blue Diamond. A quarter of the way down I peeled the paper off entirely and ground the edges down so I now have a flat surface. Wrapped plastic tape around the outside edges to fit. Still on the first of the two cubes bought together some years ago. I suspect the manufacturers putting a dimple...
  7. Pool Hand Luke

    Players Edge pool cues

    Had one from their site a couple years ago. When it arrived the forearm was bent. Can't see that in the pics so ask before you bid. It played nice but the bend bothered me enough to pass it on. Came in a great case tho so I kept that as it's the best one I have presently.
  8. Pool Hand Luke

    Best way to use the Willard’s nickel

    Okay, I bought the Last Forever tool thinking it would be a one step solution but for whatever reason the very center of the tip would still not come into contact with the tool. I even tried using the nickle side thinking that would work. Eventually it did but I was taking too much material off...
  9. Pool Hand Luke

    Best way to use the Willard’s nickel

    I already explained that. It works perfect for me, you do it your way however you want.
  10. Pool Hand Luke

    Best way to use the Willard’s nickel

    I start with the Last Forever on the dime side, rotating the shaft between each stroke, then switch over to the Williard dime to finish while holding the shaft at an angle to reach the very center of the tip. Before buying the Last Forever combo tool I used the same procedure GJ described with...
  11. Pool Hand Luke

    Tyler Styer's disgusting jump-kick shot and my poor table cloth

    If not for 66 you would have been the possible poster boy for the definition of insanity. Great stuff, I watched both. Your other options for Tyler's shot were very creative. I might have tried hopping the cue ball off the near long rail, but that may have taken me 66 tries. BTW, after your...
  12. Pool Hand Luke

    Sport Wraps

    I've used overgrips made for tennis rackets. They feel nice when new but eventually have to be changed because they get dirty and the tackiness wears off. I do agree they stick to the inside of the case which is annoying.
  13. Pool Hand Luke

    Chess Vs. Billiards

    I play both, study chess almost every day. Pool not as much. Youtube has helped me improve in both. If I lose in pool, it may be because I was hooked, a lucky shot fell for my opponent, or he is just a better player than I. The opposite is also true. Pool is a fun game and occasionally I can...
  14. Pool Hand Luke

    Dr Dave not on Youtube anymore?

    Mark Twain was my recollection.
  15. Pool Hand Luke

    How many Cues do you own today

    Me too.
  16. Pool Hand Luke

    Masters, triangle chalk becoming outdated

    You got me, yes it is. :)
  17. Pool Hand Luke

    Masters, triangle chalk becoming outdated

    Masters on my breaker. Blue Diamond on my player. 2 to 5 swipes and always away from the table.
  18. Pool Hand Luke

    Has 9 ball always...

    Pretty much, which is why I play 10 ball if given a choice.
  19. Pool Hand Luke

    High Humidity Play

    Corey D. plays at times with a cue sleeve. Small tube shaped (cloth?) material he leaves on his cue and holds in his closed bridge. The cue slides through the sleeve and his hand never touches the wood. Not sure if it's because of humidity, but it was interesting to watch.
  20. Pool Hand Luke

    What does pumping the cue over and over up in the air before their shot do for the pros?

    I do it more as an aiming aid. I may or may not do the warm up strokes each time but when kicking or banking I hold the cue on maybe a 45 degree angle in front of me to see known lines from pocket to diamonds and then with my cue still in position I parallel shift to the cue ball and take the...