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  1. verwirre

    WTB Southwest cue

    Prefer a Purple Heart n Purple Heart But shoot me an offer 🙏
  2. verwirre

    Wanted Southwest Cue

    Must bs in all ORIGINAL Condition I prefer Purple Heart, Purple Heart, but shoot me with an offer of what you have to
  3. verwirre

    Im looking for a Runde Hoppe / Schon Hoppe

    Must be in mint and original condition Email me pictures to Including your AZB name, thanks
  4. verwirre

    Anyone can show me a Hoppe Gina pls?

    Pls 😁 :thumbup:
  5. verwirre

    I need a Whitten / Rusty Melton case

    Must be mint condition Minimum 2x2 Shoot me an email Thanks
  6. verwirre

    I need a SW cue

    Gab on Gab or PH on PH is preffered Shoot me a PM or email me Thanks
  7. verwirre

    Hoppe Tascarella

    Hi im lookin for a Hoppe Tascarella Should be in original and mint condition Rolls straight together and apart SS joint 58 inches I prefer with the baby bumper Shots the price and pict to Thanks Wilson Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. verwirre

    Gina Hoppe cue

    Im lookin for a Gina Hoppe Cue Must be in good condition (original) Straight together and apart Mail me
  9. verwirre

    Im lookin for a EB EB SW cue and a Gina Hoppe

    Im lookin for: EB EB SW cue Gina hoppe style Cues must be mint and original condition Shots the picts to thx
  10. verwirre

    EB EB Southwest Cue

    Im selling my EB EB Southwest cue The reason im selling is because im more into Golf now, than playing pool Here`s the Specs: 3 Veneers: Orange Blue Orange 5 Fancy Decorative Rings [AB] 2 Shafts at 13mm 3.2oz Butt Weight 15.8oz 3/8-11 Brass Pin 2013 Matching SW Caps Black with Orange spec...
  11. verwirre

    My EB EB Southwest cue

    Sorry for the bad pictures, im not good at taking em. Hope you`ll enjoy it as much as i do :grin-square: Its Orange, Light Blue, and Orange veneers
  12. verwirre

    Bob Runde 2011 Hoppe

    2011 Runde Hoppe style cue. Ebony into birdseye, Black white double green and orange veneers Points are sharp and even. Textured leather wrap Butt: 15.2oz Shafts 12.9mm one is 4.2oz one is 4.1 5x16/14 SS Joint Balances at 19 1/4 Mint Condition, Roll Straight together and apart, i would say its...
  13. verwirre

    Ron Thomas 1x2 Case

    Hi, im selling my Ron Thomas 1x2 Case, its Embossed Mint Condition Only using for storing cue Sorry for the bad pictures =) Price $350 shipped CASH Only [Bank Wired] NO Paypal +62812 28282828
  14. verwirre

    im lookin for a Whitten 3x6 case

    I prefer a 3x6 case with black color Lite Mint condition Send me the pictures to
  15. verwirre

    Got $$ to spend for a Searing

    Again.. cant find the New Logo Blackboar, and Randy Mobley yet, now m lookin for a Searing aswell. Must be in mint original condition Roll straight together and apart Not a PJ and conversion Shots the pictures to Thanks
  16. verwirre

    $7000 for ur Blackboar New Logo

    Ive $7000 for a New logo Blackboar, Must be in mint condition I prefer to have at least 1 ferull-ess shaft SS joint, or (Ivory SS idk whats it called) PS: you will shipped overseas =) My email:
  17. verwirre

    I wanna see your Blackboar

    Please show me your Blackboar cues :) thanks
  18. verwirre

    Lookin for Gina/Blackboar/Eb eb southwest cue

    Im interested more on BB after sharing with my friends
  19. verwirre

    Im lookin for a New Logo Blackboar

    moving No luck finding one for a good price, making a new thread lookin for others too
  20. verwirre

    WTB> Randy Mobley / Showman

    Bo longer needed, thinkin of getting a Boar :)