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  1. troyobrien

    9 ball old school rules.

    Question for you old school guys. Who remembers push out, roll out, one shot shoot out, were there any differences in the rules or was it all the same but just called something different? Do the balls stay down on a foul or come up? I remember some going down but also remember spot shots. This...
  2. troyobrien

    predator sneaky Pete

    Looking for SP4RW or any Predator 4 point SP. PM me
  3. troyobrien


    Old School Duffrin for sale. I purchase this cue with the intent on giving it to some kid. The little creep didn't want it, he wanted a new cue. Freaking brat. (not my kid) Kids today. So anyway The cue rolls straight but one of the inlays is proud of the cue so thats where it rolls off when...
  4. troyobrien


    SOLD PENDING PAYMENT. Slightly used BK2 for sale. The cue is clean and roll straight together and apart, $250. shipped. Firm at $250.00 No trades. $ paypal. :thumbup:
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  6. troyobrien

    brand new 3/8x10 black collar TIGER PRO x shaft

    Im selling a brand new 3/8x10 black collar TIGER PRO X shaft still in tube .sold....sold.... sold.............
  7. troyobrien

    ****Klapp 10 Pointer*****4-SALE..

    sold!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up for sale is one of Steve's first released Klapp Cues. He will confirm this claim. Steve just installed a new leather wrap and refinished the forearm. The shaft has a minor taper roll and the tip doesn't leave the table when apart or together. The total weight is around...
  8. troyobrien


    Sold!! Sneaky pete w/ kamui tip !!! SNEAKY PETE IS SOLD!!!! Still looking for 3/8 x 10 flat faced 314- 2 or OB shaft.
  9. troyobrien

    WTB 30" predator 314 shaft

    I'm in the market for a dead straight 30" Predator 314-2 shaft or a OB. 3/8 x 10 w/ a flat faced black collar. PM all fair offers. or bump this if you dare!
  10. troyobrien

    WTS/WTT Old Kelly Ostrich Case

    SOLD! SOLD! Paypal sent! Thanks for looking.
  11. troyobrien

    Old school vs new Skool specs.

    Hi AZBers. After years away from the game I've noticed a new tread in cue specs. The old school cues were predominantly 20-21 oz and 57 inch length and the butts seemed much thicker. The newer trend seems lighter, longer cues and I do like this feel. I'm having a Klapp Cue made up and have a...
  12. troyobrien

    WTB Cheap Jump cue

    Im looking to pick up a inexpensive jump cue or J/B cue. I seen some on ozone billiards pretty cheap but figured I would reach out here first. Plus which is the best jump cue for the money? Bang for my buck!! Thanks
  13. troyobrien

    Palmer 3rd Catalog cue#8

  14. troyobrien

    Leaving positive feed back for seller!

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have just made my second purchase through sellers on AZB. So far so good. I would like to know how to leave positive feed back? PDX sold me a Palmer and his communication/price/shipping was spot on. I think honest people like Patrick selling on this site should...
  15. troyobrien


    Old school Palmer Case. PM me Thanks
  16. troyobrien

    WTB Cheap Jump cue

    I'm looking for a cheap jump cue or Jump/ break cue. Which of the production cue makers has a decent cue? or if anyone out there has a used one you looking to dump PM me. Thanks
  17. troyobrien

    Cost from B Szamboti

  18. troyobrien

    Donald learns how to play billiards

    Classic! This got me hooked at 8yrs old !
  19. troyobrien


    I'm designing a cue on CAD to be made by a cue maker. Can someone post basic sizes of a typical butt. joint collar diameter and length, collar to wrap measurement, wrap length, butt sleeve to butt. ect. These measurements can be rough 1/8 +- . This way I can render a drawing and change things up...
  20. troyobrien

    Wanted! Will Buy my Gus Szamboti.

    Im looking for my old Szamboti that was built around 1980. 4 points Black and white/ black leather wrap w tear drops in the points. I would love to track down this cue and see if could back to its intended owner. ME. Worst mistake of my life! The cue was in the N.J area but could be anywhere...