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    Eye pattern when standing and while getting down

    The last few months I've been trying to rebuild my game from the ground up and I constantly come back to this. Most of my PSR is pretty set and I'm comfortable, but the one thing I don't have consistency is eye pattern... namely eye pattern when standing/getting down. Once I'm down, I'm fairly...
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    WTB Schon R12/R14 sharp points, stitched/nickel both fine

    As title says. PM me details if you have one/know of one.
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    Stacked leather work in CA

    I'm in the bay area, specifically east bay but I don't mind driving a bit and I'm looking to get some stacked leather done for my cue. I know once upon a time Tiger cues use to do it down in LA but I'm not sure if they still offer that service. I'd like to get a wrapless-feel with a...
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    Cheap 5/16-14 butt only

    Looking for one to fit my mezz united shaft. Users welcome.
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    WTB Players HXT or similar entry level cue

    Need something cheap and in decent shape for a beginner. Looking at HXT or low end Lucasi Hybrids, maybe a few others. Send me some offers!
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    WTB Mezz WD700/WX700 United Joint

    Looking for any good condition shaft >12.4mm, >4 oz shafts. Fast payment through paypal. PM me a price.
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    WTB Mezz WD700 Shaft united

    WTB Mezz WD700 Shaft united 5/16-14 Looking for a used one in good condition, straight, no thinner than 12.4. PM me offers!
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    WTF Lucasi Hybrid Air hog jump cue

    Looking for one used in not too banged up shape. PM me anything you have!
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    WTB Predator Air 2

    Hopefully not too banged up. PM me your shipped price. Thanks!
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    WTB schon r series - sharp points/silver ring

    R6, R10, R12, and R14 models preferred. Silver/nickle ring, sharp points please. All reasonable offers considered.
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    WTB 5/16x14 piloted pre-cat 314

    As the title says. Nothing under 12.5. Straight and in good condition. Let me know thanks!
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    WTB cocobolo/maple wrap/cocobolo cue or butt

    Cocobolo forearm, BEM or curly maple wrap, cocobolo butt sleeve for a friend. Under $600.
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    WTB schon butt $250

    Let me know what you have. ~15oz preferred.
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    WTB J&J Jump break cue

    Preferably under 19.5 oz. Thanks!
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    WTB used 2x4 or 3x5 instroke case

    Vinyl or leather. Cowboy style preferred. <$200 please. Shoot me a PM.
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    Wtb instroke 3x5 case

    Black is preferred, but no real preference. Vinyl to keep cost down, but if you you're willing to let your leather go for cheap let me know! Pm with offers, thanks! Not looking for anything super fancy, around $150 ideal. Such as one found here 2x4s welcome...
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    WTB used schon... again

    Posting this for a friend. Looking for butt only. Price range is around 300-350. Shipping will be to Toronto, Canada. Will entertain offers on the whole cue for ~$400-450. Could possibly convince him to go a bit higher if it's a real looker :D Must be straight with minimal blemishes.
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    WTB hager extension

    Any of the extension lengths, would prefer 12- as they'd fit in the jump pocket. Let me know!
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    WTB used jump cue

    Posting for a friend. In or around $50 thanks.
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    WTB used Mezz cue

    As long as it comes with a WD700 shaft. United joint greatly preferred over wavy joint. Have at me.