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    WTB - Predator P3 REVO GN

    Semi Annual Bump
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    WTB - Predator P3 REVO GN

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    WTB - Predator P3 REVO GN

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    WTB - Predator P3 REVO GN

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    WTB - Predator P3 REVO GN

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    WTB - Predator P3 REVO GN

    Would prefer one with the box and everything but show me what you got. Will also buy just the butt!
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    Best way to move a pool table?

    Well the guy I'm buying it from moved it that way and he said it was easy however he also said that he put a whole in the side of the trailer because the table still came loose a bit. I have many many ratchet straps so I'm thinking that it could be as easy as more straps. I would much rather...
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    Best way to move a pool table?

    Best way to move a Valley bar box about 50 miles? Thank you
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    Mental Training

    Is this the spot to look for guidance on the mental side or is there another forum?
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    Is this a double hit?

    I was trying to find somewhere that current or former refs could weigh in on it but this was all that came to mind lol. The video is taken from a bad angle and poor quality to make it a 100% accurate call but i say foul.
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    Rule question - frozen ball

    Does fuzz/pilling count as part of the rail when determining if a ball is frozen to said rail? I have heard that it is part of the rail by reason that it is attached to the rail. I have also heard that it is not. Been unable to find anything definitive in a rule book. Thanks for any help
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    anyone make a jump/break like this?

    looking for a jump break similar design to this cue. prefer wrapless. thanks
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    Thinking of making a cue

    I have a friend who makes cues, has all the setup. Was thinking of working with him to make a jump/break with similar inlays to my shooter. Are there specifics that i should look into about making a jump/break as opposed to making a standard shooting cue? Sorry if i sound uneducated or broad, i...
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    trying to identify this case maker

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    looking for stinger shaft

    fits McDermott LTD Stinger NG02C, quick release full black phenolic tip it looks like a sledgehammer shaft but it has the core so i cant just slap a new one on the old shaft. leave pics/link with price. thx
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    looking for a little help with my cue

    long story short, bought one of the adam/helmstetter/balabushka limited editon cues when it first was released about 13? years ago. in this time, the signature has smudged off. decided to see if I could send in the cue to have it rewrapped, refinished (small dings in forearm/buttcap) and a new...