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    Meucci HP-01

    Make an offer...
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    Meucci HP-01

    Meucci HP-1 No dings, rolls straight together and apart, Red Dot Shaft with a fairly new Kamui Black Super Soft tip. $425 J&J Jump Break has a very slight wobble but plays fine and a Ozone 2X2 case I can add to the deal for $500 total. PayPal preferred. Prices include shipping.
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    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    7 Footers are $7 for an hour, if you want to pay in that fashion. Coins or bills and the tables don't provide change. I did not see a card slot.
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    8ft Fisher Questions

    I have a Fisher I would like to restore. Obviously it needs cloth but I am wondering about laminate on the top rail. It's in fair shape but Im afraid if it comes loose from the table and or breaks, may not be able to be replaced. Also the rails seem to be ok but if I wanted to replace them, can...
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    1 Inch ThickTable Slate

    One of my co-workers has a 4X8 slate set he wants to sell. Not sure what kind of table it came from. The three pieces are 53 inches long and 33 inches wide. The 53 inches long would actually be the width of the pool table. I think he is asking $100. It is in the Northwest Georgia Area. Email me...
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    Meucci ID aNd value please I looked on line at all of the catalogue archives I could find with no luck. A few look close.
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    cue finish

    Just got two replacement shafts for my cue and both are a tad too large at the joint. After i turn them down i would like to put the clear finish back on the shafts on the lower portion. I would like some instruction on what to do after i turn it down please.
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    Mini snooker cue

    Does anyone know why someone would make a mini snooker cue like this and what would it be worth? The butt looks to be 18 in long.
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    FS:Blue Diamond and Kamui chalk

    3 brand new pieces of Blue Diamond and 1 slightly used 0.98 Kamui. $25 PayPal as a gift
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    North Georgia Tournaments

    Where are all of the tourneys happening now?
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    Wtb Cheap Straight Shaft For A Players

    I think Players are 5/16x18. I need a cheap straight one. I'm thinking $30 or less. It's for a sneaky so without out a ring would be best if I need to make the joints match.
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    WTT Meucci Purple Heart Sneaky

    I have the newer Meucci purple heart sneaky in great condition. It has a red dot shaft and the butt has the wide black ring. I would like to trade for a McDermott Stinger preferably a NG 01 or I would consider other jump breaks. Maybe even a J & J plus some cash. I can post pics late SOLD r.
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    What model Joss is this?

    This cue has Joss engraved on the joint with the serial number. Sorry about the crappy pics. Anyone know what model number this cue is and about how much it is worth?
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    WTT/WTS McDermott Star Hustler

    I have a McDermott star hustler that I would like to trade for a jump break even or for a little cash. My cue has a brand new Kamui super soft tip and is just slightly used. It's about 2 months old. I can add pics for the interested. I like the low end McDermott stingers and J&J's are ok too? I...
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    WTT McDermott Stinger Jump/Break NG02

    Almost new still has sticker on the butt. Has quick release joints. I think this cue has been retired. I'm interested in sneakies,Meuccies,or other jump breaks. I post or email pics for anyone interested. I finally got the pics up. Sorry they are so crappy. i finally just used my phone because...
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    Cue id

    Could I get an ID of this cue please?
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    WTB McDermott S1 Hustler

    New or used anybody have one?
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    ? About an Ebay seller

    Has anyone dealt with Ebayer 8ball25? I bought a cue and I have a couple of issues with it. I sent a message to see what they have to say but their feedback seems to point toward me getting a sub par item and being stuck with it.
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    Where to play in Macon Ga

    I will be in Macon in a couple of weeks for a conference. Looking for a place near the Anderson Conference Center.
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    F/S Dale Perry and McDermott Stinger

    F/S Or Trade Dale Perry I have a 12 point Black Bocote and Ebony Dale Perry cue for sale. Cue is in excellent condition and has a new Kamui Super Soft tip and a linen wrap. SOLD TYD. I have 42 Ebay transactions@100%OR TRADE FOR A PREDATOR SNEAKY MODEL# SP4RJ Please email me @