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    Wtb 2x4 jack justis

    Wtb jack justis 2x4 pro lite...can purchase asap If right case comes along.. if you wanna contact me or send me pics 910-340-3099..thanks
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    Wtb----- stitch ring Josswest shaft------

    Looking a stitch ring josswest shaft12.50mm and up..thanks
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    Wtb----Joss west or Runde Schon----

    I would like to buy a 1972 thru 1980 josswest sharp points with stitch rings..... Also interested in buying a runde Schon stitch ring with sharp points. Thanks
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    Bert Schrager Snakewood and ivory!!!

    This Bert Schrager cue is in great shape... It's a maple forearm with six Snakewood points. Six ivory diamonds in the butt, and six ivory ovals on the points. Wille Hoppe butt.. No bumper! The joint is also ivory w/ a thin white sleeve around around it. I need to find out what the material of...
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    Jim Pierce Zircote and Olivewood Cue* 2x4 Its George Leather Case

    -Jim Pierce 2 high 2 low cue 19.2 oz. approx. 2 Shafts 12.68 and 13.10 Woods-zircote and olive, also nice ringwork custom joint protectors black lizard wrap Cues in excellent shape, So are shafts, Great hitting cue! SOLD -Its George Original Black eel skin case,fellini style latch! case...
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    WTB Josey Sneaky Pete

    I would like to buy a josey sneaky pete, not really picky if its fancy or not. Thanks
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    It's George Case and Schon CX02

    Schon CX02 great condition, only problem is butt cap was broke and replaced and does not have Schon written on it. Other than that it is in mint condition. It's George early model with fellini latch and eel skin print. The only thing wrong is the latch is missing a small pin on the left side...
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    WTB George 2 By 4 case

    Im looking a george 2 butt 4 shaft case, prefer brown or black with pockets and strap.... thanks
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    WTB :It's George case

    i would like to buy 2 by 4 its george or brown. Thanks
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    Barry Szamboti

    *MINT CONDITION* 19oz. 4 point w/ebony points w/white, mahogany, blue and black veneers 2- 13 mm shafts w/ ivory ferrules white w/ black speckled wrap cue was made in 1996 before he started signing his cues and initials are under butt cap. The pics describe the rest... Cue is SOLD thanks