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    Kevin Varney and Nubs Wagner Nova cues

    I have some of each and want to sell them but have no idea what they are worth in today's market. Looking for ideas about what would be the best way to answer that question or even find out if there is any interest in them. I haven't been on this forum for a long time but according to what I...
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    Fake G-2 and Kamui Tips

    Where can I buy these tips that I can be sure I am getting the real thing? I keep hearing that there are a lot of fakes out there.
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    Tip question on glazing

    Do all tips glaze over? Are there any that don't? It seems like some do more then others to me.
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    Old Grady Mathews Instrustional 1 Pocket Video

    I had a video cassette of a Grady Mathews 1 pocket instructional tape that I think might have been one of his first ones on 1 pocket, and I gave it to a guy at the pool room I used to play in a long time ago. Looking back I realize it was very good and would like to get another copy of it in...
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    Red Circle Cue Balls

    There are 2 red circle cue balls for sale on Seyberts. One is a lot less money then the other. The expensive one is sold as being Aramith. How can you tell the difference? They look the same to me. Just wondering.
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    table height

    Is there a standard for the height of the "playing surface" of a pool table?
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    Call shot, Call safe Rules for 10 ball

    What do you all think about these rules for 10 ball? just 10 ball, not 8 or 9 ball.
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    Conditioning Tips

    Been playing with a Tiger Emerald. Really like it. Looking for suggestions to keep it playing good without grinding it down like my Williard's scuffer does. Tip tapper, ect? What do you recommend?
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    What is a Pro Pool Player?

    Looking for a definition here. Also what is a Pro event? There doesn't seem to be anything that defines a pro player or a pro event in pool since anyone can pay the entry fee and play in any tournament except for maybe a couple of exceptions.
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    When the Pros Miss

    I was watching a pro tournament, can't remember exactly which one, but I think it was the C of C's. It was being played on a table with tight pockets, and I was noticing that there were a lot of missed shots which got me to thinking, when the pros miss a shot, that we all know they should make...
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    Whatever happened to Steve Allen, the author of The Hustler's Handbook?

    Just curious. I bought the book when it first came out, and I have been rereading it 23 years later. I was curious if the guy who wrote the book is still around? Does anyone know?
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    timed out

    I just tried to write a short post. It timed me out before I could finish. This is why I will stay on FB. This forum is too frustrating in so many different ways its just not worth the time anymore. And this is just one of many reasons why I don't visit here often.
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    About 1st Generation Predator Shafts

    What kind of material did they use to make their ferules? Is it difficult to change the ferule? My favorite got a coned ferule by a poor tip install.
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    How far down do your tips get?

    I play with Kamui black softs with the clear pad. I need to know when to put a new one on. Can I wait till they wear down to the pad? How much side wall thickness is left when you should get a new one? I have read on here less than the thickness of a dime, a nickel? I need some expert opinions...
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    9 Ball Rack ?

    What is the best 9 ball rack similar to a Magic Rack? Thanks in advance!
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    G-2 Tips

    Anybody out there have any feedback on the G-2 tips that they would like to share? I like my Kamui black softs till they glaze over. Would like to get something similar except for the glazing.
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    Pro Pool Does Not Exist

    I have been reading the various threads on pro pool. There never has been any pro pool and never will be, because, anyone can enter the so called pro tournaments by just paying the entry fee. Also there are no rules, no guidelines for equipment, no sponsors, no nothing for pro pool. There are...
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    Who is the best 1 pocket teacher?

    I would like to learn more 1 pocket. Who is the best teacher that can communicate their ideas so that they are easy to understand? Travel is no problem inside the 48. Would like to know who you like and why. Also, any 1 pocket instructional vids that you think are exceptionally good. Thanks
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    Best Jump Cue for Dart Stroke on Bar Boxes

    I am interested in a "legal" jump cue for jumping on a bar box with the dart stroke only. What would you recommend?
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    Your Thoughts On 60 Inch Cues

    I recently ordered a 60 inch playing cue from a cue maker that I am very confident will make me a high quality cue. I am 6'1 and 58" cues always have seemed too short to me. I play on all the different size tables. I ordered my cue with 12.5 shafts and 19oz. total weight. I would like to hear...