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  1. ShootingRazbone

    They say Dechaine Dumped, come defend yourself.

  2. ShootingRazbone

    Would you want him?

    This talking about spots on the Mosconi Cup. If you were in charge of picking the team, would you pick Earl to represent the US?
  3. ShootingRazbone

    Greensboro NC 10 ball Break and Run?

    Gate City Billiards in Greensboro NC has a handicap 9 ball tourny every wed. night. Pays about 200.00 and averages about 30 players. Not a bad little tournament. I checked the website for past winners a couple weeks ago and I saw they have had 128 players the last couple weeks!!!!!!!! WTF They...
  4. ShootingRazbone

    Review of Mind Body / Pool - hypnosis CD

    I bought this CD after reading Joey A's intitial thread here and I have this to say. As Joey A stated it IS about as relaxing as a 3 hour nap. Also as stated before this 17 min. process starts out with a focus on relaxation then goes into focus on visualization. This is what I have seen with MY...
  5. ShootingRazbone

    Wanted: Original Predator Shaft

    looking for a Black Collar with Silver Ring 5/16 x 14 Predator shaft original Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks, Greg
  6. ShootingRazbone

    Wilmington DE Pool rooms?

    Im near Wilmington DE working for a month and if anyone can guide me here it would be much appreciated... thanks in advance!
  7. ShootingRazbone

    What Do You Pay?

    At your poolroom per hour and where? Im Central VA. area and pay 4 bucks an hour. Was asking because of some of the outragous fees I hear about ranging like 12 bucks an hour to How do you afford to practice?