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    SugarTree for sale! Joint: 3/8-10 Weight: 18.9oz It is a solid Patagonian rosewood handle/butt with a fiddleback maple sleeve. It is accentuated by rings made of maple, rosewood & black phenolic, with the center ring of each pack being maple/rosewood checks. The butt cap & joint...
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    WTB Leather wrap

    I'm looking for this leather wrap. Rust Coloured Lizard wrap. Anyone here has one, or knows where i can get one? Cheers, Keith
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    Custom Jump Break

    I'm thinking of getting a custom jump break. My 2 suspects are Varney, and Gilbert. For those who've tried both, (i know it's preferential, but just would like to hear some opinions) who makes a better J/B? Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Keith
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    Jim Baxter

    Decided i'm too rash. Will give it a few more days.