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    Meucci 97-9

    I have a meucci 97-9 im looking to sell. It does need a new ferrule and tip which im going to put on before I sell. The shaft is a bit skinny for someone who likes that. It is a beautiful cue and im looking to get 275 obo.
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    Deciding on pool cue tip? help please.

    I'm shooting with a triangle which is a very hard tip. Its down too its last time shooting. Im getting it replaced tommorow. Elk master, triangle or le pro? Hmm. Or a moori? I do have to admit triangles get a lot of action. But when they get to the bottom there pretty bad.
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    Jimmy Reeves Pool cue for sale

    I have a jimmy reeves pool cue for sale looking to get 400$. Bought it for 600 but looking to upgrade. Found out the cue is worth 1300-1500$ brand new.
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    Jimmy Reeves Custom Cue

    jimmy reeves custom cue
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    Jimmy Reeves Custom Cue For Sale

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    Help Identify This cue.

    this help any?
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    Need help indentifying this cue.

    Please and thank you to any help.
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    Help Identify This cue.

    Here is another picture
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    Help Identify This cue.

    305283[/ATTACH] Not sure. No named cue?
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    Anybody know where to find a meucci originals for sale or a newer meucci?

    Looking for a meucci in the price range of 200-500. Also we have a jim reeves custom cue. Does anybody know whats the worth of that cue?