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  1. Tony1013

    Custom 314 1st generation shaft (Uniloc) for trade (5/16x14)

    I got a custom predator 314 1st generation which i bought a partial shaft and got it made for my cue (uniloc). but that cue is in the past and im looking for a 1st gen 314 for my joss (5/16x14). Looking for a straight up trade! :thumbup: Email me at if you're interested...
  2. Tony1013

    Looking for a 314 1st gen for my Joss (5/16x14)

    I am looking for a 314 1st gen for my Joss cue. Not looking to spend over $150. Can anyone help me out?:smile:
  3. Tony1013

    WTB a Predator 314 1st gen for a Joss (5/16x14 piloted)

    I'm looking to buy a predator 314 1st gen for my new joss since my cues were stolen.
  4. Tony1013

    Trade Uniloc 314 First Gen for a Radial 314 First gen.

    Anyone have a 314 first generation shaft for trade for a Uniloc 314 First generation? Please PM me! :grin:
  5. Tony1013

    Uniloc to Radial

    This might be a dumb question but i was wondering if it is possible to change a joint thread from a uniloc to a radial.. :confused: Thanks