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  1. adam the dragon

    a real nice Jacoby cue for sale

    hey guys helping out another friend sell his cue for him here the on best cue forum. Its a jacoby four pointer three venners (i think) with tourquoise inlays in butt cap and around the joint and shaft joint is 5/16/14 stianless steel piloted. he bought this year at SBE for 1200.00i was with...
  2. adam the dragon

    Schon cue for sale model STL 10 two shafts

    Hey guys i am helping a friend of mine sell some stuff he doesnt need anymore. first up a Schon cue Model STL 10 with ivory ring work and inlays in the points and in the butt sleeve. The cue comes with two shafts one is the original one with standard linen based ferrule with unknown layerd tip...
  3. adam the dragon

    MUST SELL !! Native American style leather case.

    Must sell. Came into a situation last night on my way home from league. A local cop gave me a ticket for misuse of headlights. I tryed to explain the issue i have with my headlight switch i even showed it to him but he still gave me a ticket. So i need to sell my Brand New Native American style...
  4. adam the dragon

    F/s must sell quick.Ivory ,B.E.M. Bloodwood, Ebony

    MUST SELL. I have here an IVORY LOADED GALORE Cue that was made an phillipino makerby the name of Benjamin Benito when he was making cue from the earlie 1990's till he passed away in 2005. But i got the cue from another AZ'ER back in february and i have been using it as an back up cue when i...
  5. adam the dragon

    Russ Espiritu custom one of one.

    last chance on this beauty of a Russ Espiritu 1 of 1 made in 2010. if anyone wants to see this up close i will be at the SBE on friday all day just look for me i will be carrying a case that looks like a american flag with an eagle on the front. thanks...
  6. adam the dragon

    High end espiritu 1 of 1 for sale or trade

    [B]For sale or trade my High end show piece Russ Espiritu custom 1 of 1 2010 cue loaded with ivory,ebony,tourqoise, black/white ringtail lizard wrap. 4 matching shafts two standard with ivory ferrules 2 Xp shafts one with ivory ferrule.retail value 4500 asking 3000 O.B.O or trade something in...
  7. adam the dragon

    F/S OR TRADE Greg Kucharski 30 1/2 in shaft.

    I have for sale or trade a custom made shaft made by Greg Kucharski of southington ct from a lake superior salvage Low Deflection with a small ferrule (don know what material ) with a UltraSkin Medium tip. it is in a natural form meaning it has no finish on the joint area but it is smooth and...
  8. adam the dragon

    J.C. Custom Ebony Break/Jump for sale

    For sale here is a JOE CALLALUCA. custom ebony two tone Break/Jump cue that is longer than normal length with nice leather wrap Black G10 Radial pin with the standard quick release for the jump section. The cue has a black phenolic ferrule with a white diamond tip.The cue weighs 20 1/2oz but you...
  9. adam the dragon

    killer Dindo Perez tulipwood cue for sale

    Dindo Perez killer tulipwood cue for sale Hey everybody i have here a super bright tulipwood with ebony with six points in forearm and the same in the butt with brown leather segmented handle with matching ringwork two matching shafts one is the regular and the other is his version of low...
  10. adam the dragon

    F.S Two Dominiac D2 radial pin shafts

    For sale i have two Dominiac D2 shafts both in excellent condition one with a UltraSkin med One with a Kamui black soft both shafts show very little to none blueing but both ferrules show some discoloring tryed to clean them but i don't know material of the ferrules are. but anyways one weighs...
  11. adam the dragon

    message to Djay

    Djay when u get chance please read your inbox thanks.
  12. adam the dragon

    A 1993 Jack Justis real leather 2x4 for sale

    Please go here for the pics of the case in my other posting of six high end cues for sale.
  13. adam the dragon

    two cases for sale.

    i have here to cases for sale that i don't need anymore one i was useing just for storage and the other i bought fron another member here some time back. it is missing two of the clips that holds the handle and the is a very small tear in handle area where i reglued it back into place. one is a...
  14. adam the dragon

    Predator 314/2 Fat Cat 3/8/10 for sale

    Hi guys i'm helping a friend of mine sell his Predator 314/2 Fat Cat shaft with a 3/8/10 pin into wood not phenolic it was made from a partial. Its in great condition say 9.5 out of 10 he played a few racks with it and does not like it. it has a Aramith Medium Hard tip on it. He is asking...
  15. adam the dragon

    WTB a Dominiak D2 or D3 radial shaft

    I'm seeing if anyone has an extra or spare Dominiak D2 or D3 shaft in radial they would like to sell. willing to spend up to 180.00 and needs to be in great or mint condition and prefer in plain black collor. and the weight in 3.8 or higher thanks. Pm me on what you have thanks.:):)
  16. adam the dragon

    Predator 314.2 radial pin for sale.

    I Have here a Predator 314.2 shaft in radial pin and plain black ring with a new Black Wizard Med Tip. Condition is in 9.0 due to being used for abit but was proffesionally cleaned and sealed. Standard 29 inch weight about 3.6 3.7 according to my scale. I am asking 140.00 shipped . thanks and...
  17. adam the dragon

    WTB or trade for Dominiak D3 shaft in radial

    As the header says i am looking for a Dominiak D3 shaft in radial pin with plain black sleeve. Let me know what you have. I rather try here befor going to his site. i have also a 4x8 sterling case black with brown accents . thanks:thumbup:
  18. adam the dragon

    OB Classic radial pin shaft for sale.

    i have here a ob classic shaft in radial pin with plain black sleeve with a new replaced tip triumph med hard. Standard 29 inch, 3.8 oz played a few racks to see how it plays and turns out its abit to stiff for my liking. I play better with my stock espiritu shaft. Asking 150.00...
  19. adam the dragon

    Mike durbin with Ivory joint for sale

    Hey guys i puttung up my Mike durbin for sale asking 500.00 or best offer shipped priority overnight with conformation . I got this cue back two or three months ago from here. this is the link to original posting
  20. adam the dragon

    Mint OB Classic shaft for sale

    I have here a mint condition Ob Classic shaft fits radial pin plain black collor with a emerald green tip. bought it to see how it plays and it turns out that it's to stiff for my taste. I play better with my original shaft. Played a few racks . will let it go for 180.00 shipped. pics to follow.