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    Joe Porper threaded ferrule ... where?

    Oh, never mind. Didn't notice where it said they're out of stock.
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    Joe Porper threaded ferrule ... where?,5764.html
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    Brunswick Table ID Help

    Someone sent me this:
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    Brunswick Table ID Help

    Good to know. Thanks guys.
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    Brunswick Table ID Help

    I've never seen this one before. Can anyone share any info please?
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    Heavy curl kielwood shaft?

    Hi guys, Built the cue in the photo for myself but have a customer that just had to have it. Now he wants me to make him a curly kielwood shaft for it with as much figuring as in the butt. Are there concerns having that much curl in a shaft? Does it change the structural integrity?
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    Joint pin tapping

    I would drill to 1/4", then bore to final size before tapping. Drill bits tend to wander and you wont be concentric. I used a .309 pin gage for final hole size.
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    Cue Butt Construction

    I needed to throw together a new break cue for myself after someone just HAD to buy mine the other day. Found a 30" piece of bocote in my wood stash and figured, why not? Rough cut from square, tapered, built, and finished in three days. If it warps on me, no biggie. Don't really like bocote...
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    Madrone Burl? Please help ID

    Thanks Guys! If I were using it as a handle, can I get away with coring it or does it need to be stabilized? Seems to be much more structurally sound than most other burls I've seen.
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    Madrone Burl? Please help ID

    Hey Guys, Is this Madrone Burl? Weighting in right about 50lbs/cu ft. Thanks!
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    +1 for the soft jaws from Langley. One big plus is that you don't need to tighten your chuck much at all to get a good grip that won't slip. Also makes indicating easier. A very (VERY) light tap on your high-side chuck jaw is quite effective.
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    Z Axis Indicator/DRO for Small Lathe

    Thanks guys! Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk
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    Z Axis Indicator/DRO for Small Lathe

    Hey Guys, In trying to cut trim rings to consistent sizes, I use a set of calipers and hold it with one hand between the tool post and one of the chuck jaws while moving the cross slide with the other hand. It's tedious and janky to say the least. Anyone else that's using a Mid-America/Unique...
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    Tiger Claw 3 wing cutter?

    I just ordered one of these Tiger Claw cutters in 5/32". I'm going to try it centered and off-center with the rounded edge portion doing the cutting. Will report back.
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    Tiger Claw 3 wing cutter?

    Any opinions on using this for tapering? The rounded edges are intriguing.
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    Loctite Gel

    Rapid Fuse is Dap? Is this the guy?
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    Ink for signing cues

    Signing without making a mistake isn't really an option for me. I'll try the spray. I know very little about spray finishes. Does it need to be acrylic? Is lacquer ok? I see it in gloss or matte. Does it make a difference?
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    Ink for signing cues

    Forgot to mention, I use the .05 and .08 sizes of the pens, depending on if I'm signing over white or wood.
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    Ink for signing cues

    Hey Guys, I'm having issues with signing. I bought a set of the Sakura Pigma Micron pens. Does this stuff ever dry? I use a thin CA sealer, sometimes with BLO and sometimes not. My drying issues happen with both. I sign the cue after sealer and before top coats. I've waited 2 days for the...
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    Old school Atlas joint phenolic

    I'll take them, Dave. PM sent.