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    WTB Scruggs sneaky with SS joint

    I'm looking for a Scruggs sneaky but with a stainless steel joint and no wrap. Any weight, length, condition considered. Thanks for looking.
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    Titlist one piece cues for sale

    Here's four of 'em. Selling them in one lot. $1200 shipped.
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    FS: Tim Scruggs butterfly conversion

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    Looking for a nice clean Scruggs cue, the more loaded the better!
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    FS: JFlowers tribute 3x6 Black Cigar

    Case is from 2010 used only for storage, it's in near mint condition. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT shipped in the US
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    Gold crown 5 metal pocket fittings

    I just had my GC5 reinstalled after having to put it in storage for almost 3 years. I replaced the original rails with tournament rails and I'm pleased with the tighter pockets. What irks me is that (most of) the metal pocket fittings aren't flush with the rails, and are somewhat varied in how...
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    WTB Scruggs

    Looking for a clean fancy scruggs, I just missed one and they're few and far between these days. Hoping someone is in a selling mood for a fair price. Post or PM me if you've got one to sell. Thanks in advance
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    can anyone id this pool table

    Friend of mine wants to sell this table, but we can't figure out what kind of table it is. The papers underneath are faded. Looked at every antique listed on brunswick's website and it doesn't appear to be any of those. Can anyone help id this table?
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    WTB: Scruggs sneaky

    I just missed one of these, anyone got one for sale? Tim Scruggs with Aegis joint, 2 shafts around 12.75 or bigger, nice condition?
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    WTB : Scruggs

    I'm looking for a Scruggs with points and veneers, with 2 shafts 12.5mm or bigger (prefer 13mm). Inlays are a big plus. Wrap or wrapless is ok, but I'm not looking for a sneaky - the fancier the better. Anybody got something like that for sale? I haven't seen many Scruggs on here lately. I've...
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    WTB JPs for 3/8x10 ACME pin

    Anyone got joint protectors for a 3/8x10 ACME pin (or know anyone that can make them)? Attached is a pic of the pin. I need them for one butt and 2 shafts. Thanks for looking...
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    WTB Scruggs Jump Break

    Please contact me via pm if you've got one you'd sell to a serious cash buyer.
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    WTB 3 pc. Scruggs Joint Protectors 5/16x14

    I'm looking for a 3 piece set of 5/16x14 joint protectors with the TS logo on them if anyone has one available to sell. Thank you.
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    WTB: Fancy Scruggs

    I'm looking for at least four points with 1 or more veneers, ivory spears and a wrap, in 95% or better condition. I prefer linen wrap and stainless joint, but will consider all.
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    Custom Fluorescent Light

    I'm putting a 9' Brunswick Gold Crown V in my basement, and I'm looking at fluorescent light fixtures. There is a custom light I'm interested in, it's the "Pro Ultra Thin Billiard Light" about halfway down this page: There's two options I'm...
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    WTB Titlist conversion

    I've just been bitten by the bug, and I'm looking for a titlist conversion. If you're selling one or considering selling, I'd love to see what you've got.
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    Gold Crown V pockets

    I'm planning on a 9' Gold Crown V for my home. I'm interested in the tournament edition, but also want the table to be fun enough for everyone. Anyone here play on one of them and can share their experience? I've played on diamond pro cut pockets, and I enjoyed them, but I think they're too...
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    Billiard lighting

    I'm looking for a little advice on something that I can't to figure out, so I thought I seek some of the collective wisdon here. It's been a long wait, but I'm finally finishing the basement to set up my billiard room. I'm going to put in a 9' Gold Crown, although I'm not sure which version...
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    Gold Crown V dimensions

    I'm planning on getting a 9' GC V for my basement, can anyone help me out with the playing area and outside dimensions?