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    Any AZers live in Tokyo?

    I’m staying in Tokyo till mid March, and been checking out the pool halls around my area. Sunbili at Ogikubo, Risk at Koenji... it would be cool to meet up with someone local to shoot some racks or cheap sets and learn more about the scene, tournaments etc.
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    Shanghai in March

    I’ll be in Shanghai for a couple weeks in March, planning on playing lots. Anyone live there that wants to shoot? Or can give some info about Pool halls or tournaments? Greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    Nashville cues

    Can anyone recommend any cue shops in the Nashville area?
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    Break/ break jump cues in Nashville?

    Hey, I shoulda posted this earlier but we're in Nashville until noon on the 11th and was hoping to find a break/ break jump cue while in town. Didn't find anything I liked at the tap nationals, so I was hoping someone was selling or could point me to a cue shop/ cue maker in town. Thanks