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  1. crawf

    DANZ Mosconi Cup Question

    Thanks for everyone's responses.
  2. crawf

    DANZ Mosconi Cup Question

    For those of you have watched the Cup on DANZ. Are you only able to watch it live or are the matches available afterwards? Thanks
  3. crawf

    Added a Gold Crown cue rack!

    Wow. What a great setup! Both table and cue rack look great!
  4. crawf

    Sold JB Mason 2x4 case

    Send the pics to Thanks
  5. crawf

    Chalkmagnet Review

    I will begin with the fact that I have been using chalk holders for a long time. I have used a few different stick types, belt clip types and several magnetic types over the years. I came across the CHALKmagnet product on a billiard forum. I reached out to Thomas via email, after a few back...
  6. crawf

    A Lousy Move By Bob Meucci - a PSA

    Full disclosure, I am not a Meucci fan. I have a friend that has around 4 MOs. When I saw the release of new cues with the old MO logo, I told him this would happen. After 5 plus years down the road, when those cues become used, the lines will blur being able to tell the original from the...
  7. crawf


    A solid option would be to contact Schmelke Cues. They are great to work with. Plus you will be able to have it made to your specs with your choice of words.
  8. crawf

    AZ Cue Survey 2

    Tim Prince 4 point cue Davis Prince Sneaky Pete.
  9. crawf

    DAZN stream of Mosconi Cup

    Thanks Bob
  10. crawf

    DAZN stream of Mosconi Cup

    If you sign up are you able to watch MC matches afterwards or are the only available live? Thanks
  11. crawf

    Pechauer Black Ice Break Shaft

    Has anyone tried the Pechauer Black Ice Break Shaft? Looking for a review or any feedback on it. Thanks, John Note: I did a search, but didn't see any threads about it.
  12. crawf

    Cory Deuel's Cue

    While watching the 2017 US open 10-Ball on YouTube, I saw Cory using a cue that looked different. It has a long forearm and at the very end (last four inches or so) of the cue it is looks like it has a thick handle or extension. He was holding that part of the cue when shooting...
  13. crawf

    Allison Fisher - Lomax Cue

    Allison Fisher just posted picture on Facebook of her, Steve Lomax and her new Lomax cue. John
  14. crawf

    Pool on ESPN2 Now

    There is three hours of women's pool and three hours of trick shots on ESPN2. Starting at 10:00 am CST. John
  15. crawf

    Tim prince 6 pointer w/2 shafts

    Tim prince 6 pointer w/2 shafts Reply to Thread I see you sold the cue, no surprise there, great cue great price. Here are the pictures of my Tim Prince cues. The top one I had Tim make. John
  16. crawf

    On Q Cases

    I am do research to purchase a 2x4 cue case. I came across a website for On Q Cases, The cases look great and there is a lot of excellent feedback on the testimonials page. I was wondering if anyone owns one of these cases or knows someone that owns...