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  1. Harold Smith

    Tyler, Tx.

    Hey guys, I may be moving back to the Tyler area, will be nice to see all the old friends again. I'll see ya'll at Click's.---Smitty
  2. Harold Smith

    Did I do wrong?

    Here is what happened and need to know your thoughts. Yesterday was playing one pocket with some friends and this family comes in with 2 kids, I'd say 5 and 7 years old. They sit them down at a serving table and the kids start doing homework. There was a guy talking to a girl close by and every...
  3. Harold Smith

    Texas Open

    Anyone know the site to go to for the brackets?--Smitty
  4. Harold Smith

    Brackets for Bogie's tournament

    Can someone post a link to the brackets at the tournament at Bogie's or give a update as to the results. Thanks.--Smitty
  5. Harold Smith

    King Cobra

    Haven't heard from King Cobra, where is he at?---Smitty
  6. Harold Smith

    Makers of pool tables

    Need a little help, I saw a pool table that I thought it said the maker was Raddison or something like that. Does anyone know who what their name is, I think it is made outside the US.---Smitty
  7. Harold Smith

    Moving to Natchez

    Well it I will be moving to Natchez, Ms. around the first of Sept. going to have to find a place to shoot some pool, mainly one pocket. Anyone with any ideas, I would be most grateful.---Smitty
  8. Harold Smith

    BCA brackets

    Anyone know where to find the brackets for the BCA tournament.---Smitty
  9. Harold Smith

    Poolhalls in Natchez, Miss.

    Where are some places to play in Natchez, Ms. Do they have 9 footers and any 1P players. Might be headed that way, my wife has been offered a job there.---Smitty
  10. Harold Smith

    Winner of Legends Tournament

    Can anyone fill me in on the winners of the 9-Ball tournament at Legends in League City last weekend? Thanks in advance.--Smitty
  11. Harold Smith

    9-Ball Tournament

    Hey fella AZ'ers the Golden Cue in Odessa, Tx. is having a 9 ball tourney next Sat. $60. 00 entry. might be 40 playerd already signed up. I shoot at this poolhall and the equipment is first class. Will be played on 8 ft. Brunswick with 860 Simonis. Phone no. is 432-337-9328---- Smitty
  12. Harold Smith

    Feb. tournament at Legends

    Anyone know the results of Mindy's tournament at Legends that was held in February. --Smitty
  13. Harold Smith

    Poolhall near Bogey's

    What is the name of the other poolhall by Bogey's in Houston?---Smitty
  14. Harold Smith

    Rusty's on Camp Bowie, Ft. Worth

    I am going to be at Rusty's on Camp Bowie today 11/24/ if anyone wants to play some cheap[10 -20] a game 1P. Guess I would even play for fun if you want, but its hard to play good 1hole without something riding on the game. I will be there at noon---Smitty
  15. Harold Smith

    Rusty's on Camp Bowie in Ft. Worth

    Can someone tell me what time Rusty's opens on a Sat. and during the week. Going to be near there over Thanksgiving and thought I would stop by and play some 1P.---Smitty
  16. Harold Smith

    Maybe Moving Again

    Just heard we maybe moving from Carlsbad, N.M. to Abilene, Tx. That is good news, because at least Abilene has a couple of poolhalls. Any 1P players over there, let me know would love together to play some.--Smitty
  17. Harold Smith

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope your holidays are safe.---Smitty
  18. Harold Smith

    Wichita Falls, Tx.

    Where is there a good poolroom in Wichita Falls? Going to be there this Sat. would like to find a place to hit them around. If anyone plays 1P, I would like to play.---Smitty
  19. Harold Smith

    Poolhall in Carlsbad, N.M.

    Maybe going to Carlsbad, N.M. any poolhalls there?
  20. Harold Smith

    Places to play in Hobbs, New Mexico

    Going to be going to Hobbs in the next several days. I used to play in a decent poolhall in Hobbs back in the 60s, just wondering if there is still a decent poolhall there?---Smitty