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    Houston Hot Spots

    Heading to Houston this week, was wondering which rooms are most busy, and what time of day would I have the best chance of seeing the most play. I won't be playing, just watching, learning. Thanks all!!!
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    Show Carom Billiards Section, your at Home 3C Table

    Here's the bat cave version!
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    Billiard hot spots in Denmark

    I am going to Denmark in July of next year and would love some input on where some of the Billiard hot spots would be. Any info would be much appreciated. I'm sure more than half the population would beat me handily, but would love to see some clubs or maybe a tournament if possible. Thanks for...
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    10th Annual Mike Kelley Memorial

    This tournament is coming up soon. April 26-28 and being held at Jake's Game Room in Marshalltown, IA. If you haven't attended this event, be sure there will be plenty of competition and even more fun. The Midwest's finest players shall be in attendance, including George Ashby, Lupe Cruz and...
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    Tuzul book

    Where can I purchase the Tuzul Billiard System book? I have found the download, but wanted the actual book. Thanks in advance! jj
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    Rail height

    Wondering if anyone had THE correct rail 'nose' height? I heard that it is 70% of the ball diameter. In this case 61.5mm. Would a higher nose cause the table to play shorter? I would think so. And how low can you go without risking the balls flying off of the table? Thanks for any input!! JJ
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    Billiards in New Orleans?

    Any billiard tables in New Orleans? Any recommendations on things to see, do? JJ
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    Money added

    The Mike Kelley Memorial is scheduled for the 26th-28th in Marshalltown Ia. Just to let those of you who may be on the fence added is over the $600 mark so far....If you have any other concerns or questions, don't hesitate to let me know...
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    3-Cushion Tournament in Iowa

    This tournament will be played on the 17-19 of Feb. in Marshalltown Entry fee is $55 This is NOT a USBA tournament-All are welcome! Round robin flights to be determined on the 15th. Get to play at least 4 matches in prelims. 25pt. prelims For more info call me @ 641-751-4696 or email...
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    Re-covering step rubber

    Are there any do's or don'ts when covering the step rubber on Snooker tables? I posted this in the Mechanic section and had no response. I am using the 760 Simonis if it makes a difference. Thanks in advance! JJ
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    Covering step rubber on Snooker table

    Anyone have any do's or don'ts when covering the step rubber? Thanks!! J
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    Kim Steele cushion 'cover'

    Anyone know what the reason this was put on? Do other table manufacturers do the same? I know this table had longer angles than other tables. See pictures, please. Thanks
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    Andreas Elfer's book

    Was wondering if anyone has bought or seen this book. Was thinking of buying a copy. Is it for a certain type of player, ie., beginner, advanced etc.? Thanks for any input!!! JJ
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    Motivation to practice

    I would like to know if anyone has ideas on staying motivated to practice. Some days it is easy-others, not so much. Perhaps this has been discussed on another thread, but I haven't seen it on the carom side. What do some of your 'workouts' include? Some warm up short angles or other 'big'...
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    Raiford Wins Hall Of Fame Tournament!

    Congrats Robbert on your big win! Many good shooters in that field. Any chance that you may be going up to the Minneapolis tournament next month?