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    Mosconi cup

    Observation: Comments and discussion is up to 46 "pages" at this point. Remove all comments relating to Earl and it would be up to 6 "pages" ....maybe. In the marketing world his presence equals value. Earl has been a great champion and is still a great player at 61 years. Can't think of...
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    Filler's Cue?

    Jacoby Black is 12.3 and 12.9
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    What to do? Cuetec Cynergy or Jacoby BlaCK?

    Once you find that pocket billiards is the game/sport you enjoy most and have played it 2-3 years you will discover your pecking order among other players. The feeling of euphoria you have after purchasing a new cue/shaft etc, is truly satisfying. However, the people you beat will rarely go...
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    Amber Chen beats Allison Fisher in Canada

    Not qualified to be a bonafide critic so I offer my suggestion which I intend to be constructive. They play two sets to four and if they each win a set then they have a spot shot contest and the winner of that is declared overall winner. Not positive, but the primary purpose is to speed up the...
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    One other guy you could put in the league of the three you named Jay, was Vernon Elliott. Both Buddy and Keith can verify his inclusion. Probably Mr. Matlock too because he had to know Vernon. Vernon told me several stories about the Canelo player you mentioned. Vernon said he was a great...
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    Best Player that Quit Early on

    What's Stevie Moore doing these days? Wouldn't he be considered a player who quit early?
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    Carbon Fiber Shafts should be Banned

    IMO, if carbon shafts were banned it would make absolutely no difference in the order of who wins or who loses. The most talented players with the greatest commitment to improving will be the winners. Carbon fiber, IMO, is the best material, at the moment, for shafts. Probably butts too...
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    My Diamond table journey

    What an unselfish thing to do! Hope good things continue happening for you.
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    PPV-Buffalos Pro Classic $26,000 Added May 25-29, 2022

    Okay Danny, go get'um! The Old People group in Chattanooga are pulling for you!!!
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    PPV-Buffalos Pro Classic $26,000 Added May 25-29, 2022

    Is Danny Smith signed up to play in this event or is this a mistake?
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    Were Gabriel tables any good?

    Pretty sure there was/is a room in Ocalla, Fl that has Gabriel's. The complaint I heard was they were hard to set up due to using 1" 3 piece slate, (heavy) and that the 1" slate made balls more prone to bouncing. No complaints that I'm aware of regarding quality. Certainly I don't play well...
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    Chattanooga TN pool halls?

    Sweet Melissa's at Northpoint Blvd off Hwy 153 is located behind Home Depot. Diamond Billiards on Hixson Pike located in a small shopping center which has a Food City grocery. Both are very safe and clean with clean tables. Tables at Diamonds are being covered this week. Both places have...
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    Re:Mike Templeton

    Heard disturbing but unconfirmed news regarding Mike Templeton today. It was told that he hit a deer while riding his motorcycle and the accident was fatal. Mike was a nice guy and a heck of a pool player who lived for awhile here in Chattanooga. Can anyone confirm whether this is true or not?
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    Piloted shafts

    Thanks for your replies. I'll make it a flat face shaft now.
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    Piloted shafts

    Buying a carbon fiber shaft that will be piloted because the cue that I'm putting it on has piloted shafts. However, after thinking about it I wish I had ordered it as a flat face shaft so it could be used on an assorted group of cues that may be incompatible with this particular pilot. Is...
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    Top 10 Reasons to Use an Open Bridge

    Perhaps I'm wrong (usually) but it seems that snooker players have to be more precise and more accurate than other pocket billiard players. Pocket size and configuration plus larger table dimensions and ball size lead me to think this. I have never played snooker though. But I don't think I...
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    Congrats to Chip Compton

    My Company Commander (DI in Marines) when I was in boot camp in San Diego, had those twin screws on his butt cheeks.
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    Carbon Fiber shafts change hit from butt to butt

    For comparison I have tried my Jacoby CF shaft on several different cue butts. Each cue butt was either a known quality mass produced cue or from custom cue makers. All hit acceptably well but each hit and sounded distinctly different. One produced the sound and feel/hit I liked best. I wish...
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    Not For Me

    And this is what anyone who engages in this endeavor will eventually think. If you can afford this type venture/social interaction, just rent space from a local room that NEEDS the money and invite people who you want to be with. Additionally, in todays's world the only time you will be sued...
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    For format of the CSI ten-ball was complete rubbish.

    Likely, everyone else is better informed and more knowledge than me and certainly everyone else is a better pool player but observing the myriad of problems involved with promoting and conducting pool events, it seems the complete inconsistency of rules from event to event is the primary...