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  1. classicjay17

    Another work trip, Wayne NJ, where to go?

    There are no weekly tournaments I’m aware of at Breaker Billiards, Clifton Billiards, or Castle Billiards. Of the three, Castle is the nicest to go and practice, nice tables bar food and full bar/liquor. I will also say this about Shooters in Wayne…If going there just to hit balls the first...
  2. classicjay17

    Another work trip, Wayne NJ, where to go?

    Shooters has a weekly Friday Night handicapped tournament, that’s the only tourney night for them. Rockaway Billiards is “supposed” to have a Thursday night handicapped 9 ball tournament though they did not have enough to run the tourney last week. Sandcastle which you mentioned is too far...
  3. classicjay17

    Colleges in the US that have an active pool team/community?

    I was in the University of Pittsburgh Billiards club from 2000-2005. Played the ACUI Regionals and came in 2nd two times just missing the nationals, though I know my game would not have been up to par at Nationals. The Pitt Rec center in the student Union used to have 13 8’ tables (12 GC’s and...
  4. classicjay17

    Got my table in the house today.

    If you already have a machinist's level, I would say to give it a shot yourself. In the "Talk to a Mechanic" forum, there's a sticky post which is RKC's guide to leveling 3 piece slate tables. About 7-8 years ago I set up a 9 foot 3 piece slate table myself (My Avatar pic), and his guide...
  5. classicjay17

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    Fair warning, this will be a long post: Well here we go, my second entry into this thread. First was 7-8 years ago when I put a classic 1960's AMF Grand Prix 9' in my then basement. Have long since sold the house (divorce will do that :)...) and have been living in an apartment for some time...