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    Shaftwood question

    Just looking for opinions from your vast compendium of knowledge - I'm looking to have some shafts made - not sure who yet, but thats not my question. Would/could a person use an old, straight, one piece house cue and turn it into a high quality shaft? I figure the woods plenty dried, and if...
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    FS - Alex Brick 8pt BEM into ebony

    FS - 1998 Alex Brick. 4 Hi/4Low BEM into Ebony, with 4 Purpleheart inner pts. One of a kind and one of his fancier cues. 3 original shafts, 1 Ivory Ferrule, 2 unknown ferrules. 1 original 314 (pre-cat) shaft with matching ringwork done by Alex. This cue has a lot of play on it, and shows several...
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    NEW pool room - Key West

    Key west hasn't had a pool room in 7 years - and the most recent room was a joke. Shooterz billiards and lounge will be open (supposedly) on Superbowl Sunday for its grand opening. Room has 3 - GC 1's, 2 - 9' Imperials, and 1 12' Russian Imperial. It's not huge, but we're a small town with...
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    FS - Keith Josey Fancy Sneaky - FS

    ---- SOLD ----Keith Josey, 2010 fancy sneaky, 2 timeless timber shafts, 1 ivory ferrule, 1 not, Kingwood into BEM. Moori Med tips, both shafts over 13MM. radial pin flat face joint. Very light use, 98% condition. $700 shipped in the US. STAY TUNED! PICS TO BE POSTED TOMORROW!! or you may PM, and...
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    "Ivory Ban" foolishness

    Yeah, I know...ANOTHER ivory ban thread. I've watched as multiple AZ'rs have cried and whined (some praise - to be fair) about the CA ban on ivory. Would someone please try to convince me that YOU, as a CA consumer/buyer of billiard products, cannot buy a cue with a little ivory? I understand...
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    WTB or Trade for a Frey

    Looking for a Bob Frey Sneaky P or fancier Frey without Steel joint. Have a Fancy Josey SP with 2 timeless timber shafts, 90's Alex Brick, and a Pechaur sneaky for any trade offers.
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    Full splice

    2 part question. 1. Does Bob Frey make his own full splice blanks? 2. Could I reasonably expect a custom fancy Frey to play like his sneaky's.... assuming it was a true full splice with same joint\pin as his SP's? Thank you experts.
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    1890'S Bruns Narragansett

    Recently purchased a beautiful 1890's Narragansett, 9', 4 pc slate. Table plays good, but I'm having some issues with the pocket facings/cuts, causing the balls to kick out more than they should. The table is georgous, it deserves to play as well as it looks. Is there someone in the AZB...
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    Merry Widow..??

    Where did the term "Merry Widow" originate? From what I can tell, it refers to a pointless forearm with usually simplistic inlay work on the butt. I've been away for awhile...and never recall seeing anything referred to as "Merry Widow" Someone educate me!
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    league operator??

    Has anyone here ever operated a sanctioned league? BCA/APA/PotOgold/VNEA? Key West lost it's only pool room 4 years ago (more of a huge dive bar with 6 GC-4's), The last league that WAS here was over 15 years ago...and THAT league operator took the money and left town (no vegas trip for anyone)...
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    1998 Alex Brick ebony/purple heart

    Anyone know if Alex Brick still haunts these halls? I'm picking up my cues again after an 8 yr hiatus (freshly divorced!), bought an 1890's BBC table and finishing out the pool room addition in the coming months. My main cue needs a little TLC, but excited to break it out again and get some...
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    1890's Brunswick Narragansett table

    Morning! Just finishing the addition to the house, and picked up a restored 1890's BBC Narragansett 9' table. Problem is, I've never played on it. Putting 860 on it and pockets to be shimmed....but otherwise - does anyone have any knowledge or experience with these tables? I'm hoping my...
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    1890's BBC Narragansett tables

    Good Morning, does anyone have any playing experience with a BBC Narragansett from the 1890's? I just picked one up - sight unseen - and hoping my assumption on play quality holds up to life when I get it installed in Sept. Pockets shimmed with simonis. Any info?? historians?
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    "specialty" shaft's

    When I first started playing pool seriously, a shaft was a shaft. The tighter and straighter the grain - the better. In the last 10 years or so, there has been a huge influx of "specialty" shafts - IE 314, red dot, blue dot, D2...and the list goes on and on. Here's my question, posed to the...
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    Silliest/craziest set up shots you've made money with

    This is far and away the most productive set up I've ever done. Easily an80% garauntee for money against A players. Shooter starts from head spot, and pockets balls in their cooresponding closest pockets at the setters (my) discretion. Each of the six succesive shots are dictated by me. Cant...
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    Silliest/craziest set up shots you've made money with

    this is one my older staples...make black ball in opposite corner w/o disturbing gray balls. Thanks for the table diagram!
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    Silliest/craziest set up shots you've made money with

    This is along the same lines as the "funny bangers" thread..... Whats the craziest set up shots you've ever made money at?? When I was younger, I often made more money with small bets to bangers on crazy set ups...IE: the old classic of laying a cue across the table, and betting you can hit the...
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    Alex Brick cues

    I would love to get some personal opinions of Brick Cues. IE build, finish, hit...any opinions would be great. I've owned my Brick for 10 yrs, and am rather surprised I'm not seeing more of his work in the mainstream. Thanks for your Opinions. V/R updated with pics. Alex B. was a pleasure to...