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    WTB: LD shaft for Jp series pechauer.

    I currently have a cue collector pechauer that is a JP pechauer and has the 5/16-14 flat collared with dashed rings. I'm looking for a "P plus pro 12.75mm". Text 724 516 5549 or email
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    WTB: break cue

    I'm looking for a break cue. I know I've posted on here before about a Bk series breaker but I want to see if any cue maker will make me just a plain Jain break cue if I get them the wood. I would want the shaft and butt the same wood. I want something custom Email is or text...
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    WTB: BK2 or BK3

    Looking for a bk2 or bk3, can be used but not that dinged up. Text me with pics and prices 7245165549
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    WTB: wrapless custom

    Anyone have a wrapless custom cue that they would sell in the 300-500$ range. I like pechauer cues with colorful inlays and don't like SP. Anything would be welcomed except SP. Text me the pics and price please. I need my own cue. 724 516 5549
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    McDermott dealer?

    Anybody on here a licensed McDermott dealer? PM me, email or text 724 516 five five four nine
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    WTB: pechauer p15 2010

    Anyone have one or can people ask around to see of anyone will sell one. I've posted two other times (people who I messaged or talked to) I need new people here. I'm in need of a cue bad. Here it is
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    Wrap less pechauer or cue

    I know I have posted two other threads on this bit I'm in need of a wrap less cue preferably a pechauer (I love the p21) and maple wood look with lighter inlays. Anything around 400 or a cue that someone would sell cheap to help me out. PM me, email or text 7245165549
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    Wrapless Pechauer

    I have been looking for a wrapless pechauer cue. I have found this cue on FB and wanted to see if anyone knew what model it was (guy told me p22) and he offered to sell it to me for 375. (middle cue) no wrap Thanks in advance
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    WTB: Wrapless Pechauer.

    I'm looking for a natural wood/color Wrapless Pechauer pro series cue. I really like the p21f. Anybody has any info let me know Thanks Can email me info or pics. or text me 7245160774
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    Looking for a wrap less pechauer.

    Hello all, my first post and I'm looking to buy a wrap less pechauer. I'm interested in the P21-F. Any other Will be OK i just want a light wood cue. Thank you.