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  1. hermanmunster

    2022 World Pool Masters (May 5-8)

    Am I the only one who hates the camerawork? Closeups of the players faces or the cue ball, then cutting over to the actual shot at the last second.
  2. hermanmunster

    Sold Dunkel custom cue

    A Steve Dunkel cue ( The cue comes with three shafts and an 8" carbon fiber extension. One of the shafts has been played with, but is in good condition. The other two shafts have been never been played with. The butt has a leather...
  3. hermanmunster

    Chalkless tips

    Any such thing?
  4. hermanmunster

    OB+ Classic shaft with 5/16 x 14 joint

    This OB+ Classic shaft was purchased new from Seyberts in January 2018, and played with for three months. The original tip has since been replaced with a Kamui Clear Black Medium tip that was test hit but never played. Rolls straight. Shaft Type: OB+ Classic Joint Type: 5/16 x 14 Thread...
  5. hermanmunster

    Schon STL3 with leather wrap and custom extension

    This Schon STL3 cue comes with two shafts, a leather wrap and a custom butt extension. The butt is in excellent condition, with no nicks or scratches and all pieces roll straight together and apart. One of the shafts has been lightly played and the other shaft has been chalked, but never...
  6. hermanmunster

    Breaking from the head string

    I seem to recall that when I started playing pool in the late seventies, most people playing 8-ball would position the cue ball about a diamond off the head rail and break with the bridge hand on the rail. Now after a long hiatus,I've started playing again and see on YouTube that all the pros...
  7. hermanmunster

    Need a shaft for a Predator BK2 break cue

    Need a shaft for a Predator BK2 break cue