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    Hello, it has been a while. I have a 1x2 grey faux ostrich / Thomas. Good, but missing the...

    Hello, it has been a while. I have a 1x2 grey faux ostrich / Thomas. Good, but missing the medallion.
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    Jimmy Reid DVD's

    I have single DVD - Jimmy Reid "No Time For Negativity Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol 3" original and "The Art of 8 Ball" copied
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    Sold Paul Mottey Cue

    Hey Jamie, Do you still have this cue? I owned it eons ago. It was my first of many cues by Paul. You and I did a deal for a Justis Case, and a Pau Ferro Franklin, but I do not remember this cue being involved. Scratching my head to remember.
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    Hello, I'd be happy to talk to you to see what you are trying to do. I have talked to a few...

    Hello, I'd be happy to talk to you to see what you are trying to do. I have talked to a few Diamond reps and have provided financing for a room owner that needed a small loan for construction to have his bathrooms meet ADA regulations. You can call or email to discuss.
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    Table Financing

    Yes, there are options, depending on what you are wanting to do. I will DM my contact info.
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    Need Financing?

    Is anyone having trouble finding funding? Real Estate, Equipment, Purchase, Refi, Construction, Credit Card Processing Service? I am a commercial lender and would love to find a niche in an industry I have experience in. Happy to chat about options at any time and let me know what financing is...
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    FS: Ed Young purpleheart plain jane

    2005 Ed Young - purpleheart with smooth leather wrap. Very Good+ condition- no dings. Butt - 15.4 oz. with heaviest weight bolt - have 3 others to lower to approx 15 oz. shaft 1 - 4.0 oz. shaft 2 - 4.1 oz. Balance point 19.25 inches with longest / heaviest weight bolt, closer to 20 when at...
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    FYI Dennis Swift contact info

    Not sure if this has been posted but I stumbled across it and have seen it asked for numerous times: Dennis Swift contact info / site....
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    2 predate SW F/S

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 predate SW both with LOAs, full size shafts, cases: can get exact measurements. Unfortunately, need money more than cues now so no trades. 1993 57" Pau Ferro w/ maple. 20 oz. 2 orig shafts, + 1 later SW shaft...
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    Wtb/t - Plain Sw

    Anybody have a PLAIN (no points) SW for sale or trade - 19.4 - 20 oz. range?
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    pao ferro / maple - SW and Omega dpk

    Pao Ferro... '93 Franklin SW - 3 orig shafts - 2 Matching Predators Omega dpk - 2 orig shafts - 1 new Ed Young
  12. junior

    mcdermott shaft 3/8x10 12mm

    Good condition, slight chalk staining on ferrule and shaft. plain black collar. $ 55.00 shipped
  13. junior

    Omega / dpk joint protectors FS

    I've got new 1x2 black delrin joint protectors for Omega dpk that were just made by Ed Young. He charges $ 30. each. any offers???
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    wanted - elec. guitar for $ 700.00 new cue???

    anyone have an electric guitar they would part with? Not real picky, just looking for something decent. Can send pics and specs of new CB I just got - was $ 700.00 rosewood / curly maple / turquoise.
  15. junior

    SNUG SW joint question

    I know this is wrong forum but value opinion of those here. I just got my first SW, it's older, but 3 orig. shafts and 2 SW mated predator shafts fit extremely tight, the last 2-3 turns are painful to my hand, it comes undone OK, but just hard to turn when assembling. It's better than being to...
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    Quality Cues / Mike Gartland - thanks

    Just info! - Great transaction Mike - thanks! Love the shafts, better than described and the joint protectors was a nice unexpected bonus. Take Care - Bill Aubin
  17. junior

    matching SW shaft rings

    Can anyone tell me where to go - besides Southwest, to have fairly "standard" SW joint rings made for 2 Predator shafts. Trying to get it done quicker than SW can. Thaks!
  18. junior

    FS -'86 Joss West

    Joss West (86) - 4 ebony points, bright veneers, teal,black,tail black -ivory ferrules, 20.4 / 20.2 oz. $ 2000.
  19. junior

    FS - 2 Ernie Martinez

    Older Ernie - BEM, w/ Ebony , 3 original shafts, 19.6/19.4/19.2 oz. (owner's initials on butt cap) Recent Ernie - #429 - with LOA- Paduak w/ Rosewood 19.0/19.4 oz. $ 1700.00 for either
  20. junior

    '91 JPechauer Pete F/S

    old style 3/8x10 flat faced, wine stained curly maple, black veneer, 19.2 oz, 13mm shafts, padded ferrules. $400.